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"The Great Village 2" found the Chinese version of Santorini, so beautiful!

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One flower, one bird, one world

© The most handsome Xiao Ming

Everyone has an island in their hearts, away from the neon of the city, away from the dust pollution of the land.

© 17 Sauce Little Friends

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Swim in the sun, let the sun shine, let the sea breeze pick up the hair in the ear, or blow the sea breeze at night, drink a small wine...

© 17 Sauce Little Friends

It can be small, but it must be beautiful, very quiet, and there are very few people;

© Photography / MoorWorld

Its house must be a white wall with blue edges and a feeling of Santorini;

It must have stars full of stars, but also blue tears that make people marvel;

© Xiaoyue Bailing

It can make people abandon all the troubles, face the sea, watch the clouds and clouds, see the tourists play, and sleep on the sea breeze, listening to the waves falling asleep.

© 17 Sauce Little Friends

© Xiaodou Xuechang

None of this is fictitious. The recent "Great Village 2", which is very hot, has found such a place like a fairyland - Flower and Bird Island.

Although the flower and bird island is not as famous as the East Island, it is a bright pearl of Zhoushan. Thanks to the rule of 200 people per day on the island, she still retains a rare clean.

Blue and White House

Many people are obsessed with the blue and white houses of Santorini, but they are suffering from time and money. In fact, all of this can be given to you like the Flower and Bird Island.

© Celia_Ge

The homestays built on the hills are arranged, and the white walls and blue windows have become the most beautiful scenery.

Nanjing Beach

This clean beach is the largest of the flower and bird islands, with blue water and soft sand.

© A tube on the road

It’s a great choice to play in the clean beaches or step on the sand.

© Photography / MoorWorld

Code Tower Line

The code tower line is about 5 kilometers long and is a seascape view trail and the only road on the island.

© Allen in the distance

The whole roundabout is curved and twisted, and it seems as if a floating skirt is inlaid between the islands. On the code tower line, you can see the panorama of flowers and birds and the sea island.

© Dongyu Xilin

Flower and Bird Lighthouse

Walk along the scenic avenue, blow the sea breeze and walk slowly to the lighthouse.

© 凌驾 LING

© Dongyu Xilin

The tower is black and white, with British elegance and simplicity. It has been through more than 100 years of wind and rain, and is still guiding the direction of ships near and far.

© Freshwater River

Lighthouse Village

It is also the sea of ​​flowers and birds. You see it as a dream, but in the eyes of the fishermen in the lighthouse village, it is the daily life on the island.


Everything is as clear as the weather is clear, never complicated, day after day, the weather is clear, the sky is closed, the harvest is happy, and the eyebrows are empty.

© Allen in the distance

Fluorescent Sea

The blue tears are always inevitable. Looking at the sea in the distance, the crystal blue is spread out on the sea, and the silence is like a blue fairyland.

© Macbath

One foot on the soft sand, the blue fluorescent flakes scattered under the feet, like Ava incarnation, if you are in a dream.

© Photography / Savannah

Sunrise and Sunset

The gorgeous sunrise represents a new day on the island, and the early fishermen have already rushed to the embrace of the sea.

© Wang Xiao Goose

In the evening, the sea was foggy, the fishing boat returned, all the busyness was calm, and the whole island was quiet and serene, as if it had escaped from the pure land of the world.

© Boatman Lao Cai

© 凌驾 LING

Flower and Bird Island Tips

© Meet-Lee

Address: The top of the front pit of Huayan Township, Jixian County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Traffic:From Hangzhou Jiubao Passenger Transport Center to Shenjiawan Passenger Transport Station, take the boat from Shenjiawan Wharf to the Shouben Island Xiaocaiyuan Passenger Terminal, then transfer from Xiaocaiyuan Wharf to Huaying Island Pier; or Shenjiawan Ferry Express to the Flower Bird Island Pier

Automobile:When Wenzhou goes to Shanghai, take S20, turn to S2, drive to Donghai Bridge, sign along the road, go to Xiaoyangshan Shenjiawan Wharf, then go to Lizhushan Pier, then take the boat. To the flower and bird island.

Tickets: Free Opening Hours: Open all day Best Travel Time: May-October

This season's flower and bird island is blue, you can see the most beautiful starry sky and fluorescent sea on the island, you can also feel the most simple folk style.

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