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Play "vibrate" to do the best, risk prevention and control must go all out

News 2018-05-26 03:11:00 206

Recently, a father in Wuhan imitated the "vibrato" video action missed the second-year-old daughter seriously injured and caused concern. On March 19th, the official website of Weibo announced a reminder that “do not easily imitate” difficult movements, and said that it is already developing related product functions, and will be dedicated to the “risk reminder system” (March 21, Xinjing) Newspaper).

At the moment, a short video app “Vibrato” is particularly sought after by young people. Some “shake friends” will choose some difficult movements for Bo eyeballs to display. Many “shake powder” follow the trend and imitate the explosion on “Vibrato”. The action is eye-catching. The author noticed that users who were injured because of imitating video dangerous actions are not the case.

In February of this year, a 19-year-old sophomore, a 19-year-old girl, Yang Xiaofen (pseudonym) organized relatives to challenge difficult moves. After the first challenge was successful, Xiao Yang uploaded to the “Vibrot” app and won many users’ praise. But in the second challenge, she was accidentally injured by "flying". After examination by a doctor, the fracture of the right ankle was diagnosed, and surgery was considered in the later stage.

In fact, many friends on the "vibrate", even with their wonderful video content, burst into a network overnight. However, we can't ignore the shortcomings of "vibrato" short video. Imitate the difficult movements on the "vibrato", what should I do if I accidentally play it off? Experts believe that the "Xiao Yang" who was injured by the "甩飞" is obviously an adult and should have reasonable judgment and coping with himself. The actions taken are fully responsible for the actions. People in the legal profession said that Internet video platforms such as "Vibrot" APP, for some difficult and dangerous action videos, as the platform manager, have the duty of attention such as "dangerous action, do not imitate" and other safety warnings.

Throughout the hot discussion of netizens, it is even more horizontal and horizontal, and the distance between the two sides is different. The two sounds that support and oppose the "vibrato" APP fill the entire screen. Some netizens lamented that the "toxic" vibrato had become the product of today's sensationalism.

For some videos that are too high-risk professional, the platform has not fulfilled its obligation to urge everyone not to imitate easily from the beginning, which has caused many tragedies.

Sighs, condemnations... sounds in the ears. The "vibrate" official in the whirlpool of public opinion also responded urgently on the evening of March 19th, indicating that some users have noticed an accident when they imitated the action. They will go online to the "risk reminder system", which is highly popular and popular with users. At the same time, there are potential risks and actions, and the product will give a risk warning in a prominent position, telling the users who participate in the imitation to do their best and do the protection work.

But the author thinks that after the incident of such human life is exposed, the "vibration" official only puts a "risk reminder" on the line, and the prevention and sincerity are obviously not enough. And its "response" is really for the user to consider, or is it just to calm the public's crisis public relations and shirk responsibility? This is indeed debatable. It should be pointed out here that the "Regulations on the Administration of Internet Live Broadcasting Services" implemented in December 2016 have already made a hard landing on the content of the live broadcast platform and ordered the death order.

The "Regulations" require that Internet live broadcast service providers should establish a live content review platform, implement hierarchical classification management according to the content categories and user scales of the Internet live broadcast, and add or broadcast platform identification information for live content such as graphics, video, audio, etc. The Internet news information live broadcast and its interactive content will be pre-examined and managed.

The "Regulations" also propose that the Internet live broadcast service provider as the platform side bears the main responsibility for managing the live broadcast. It should establish a credit rating management system for Internet live broadcasters and establish a blacklist management system.

In short, the Internet live broadcast service provider has the obligation to review and bear the main responsibility for managing the live broadcast. However, as far as this incident is concerned, the “Vibrot” platform is currently far from enough.

It is reminiscent of the 2017 "Children Watching TV Cartoons Jumping" event. People from all walks of life feel embarrassed and remind parents to properly educate and guide children to watch animations and other videos. On the other hand, the "vibrato" is subject to a large number of 90s or even 00, and a similar "everyone" is needed to protect their own safety.

The first is the regulatory department. It is necessary to further strengthen the supervision of the network live broadcast platform and improve the network access market access, investigation, punishment, and withdrawal mechanism. For the platform that fulfills the responsibility of the main body, timely interviews and rectification within a time limit. For those who have no qualifications, they shall stop calling and suspend their access to the Internet in accordance with the law.

In addition, the network live broadcast platform should strengthen industry self-discipline, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, strictly abide by laws and regulations, adhere to the correct political direction, public opinion orientation and value orientation, and truly prevent problems before they occur.

The most important thing is that users, especially as an adult, should make their own "parents" and choose to avoid "missing". Watching a small video or taking a small video as a pastime is not wrong, but don't see anything to imitate. Many times a tragedy takes only one second.

[Source: Justice Network]