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The strongest AD in Wei Shen’s mind is not UZI, but he! After seeing Weibo comments, the netizens are tearful!

Game 2018-05-26 03:13:59 5

The results of the draw of the League of Legends LPL Summer Games have come out, and the transfer of the teams has basically been put in place. This time, WE can be said to be the biggest one in the transfer. I also bought the IMP. It can be said that it is really rich and willful! In the last night, IMP just accompanied the WE team to settle in Xi'an, and on the Weibo, a "WE" photo dotted with a drone.

At this time, just after finishing the Jedi PCPI qualifier, Wei Shen, commented on the microblog of IMP, saying, "In the future, you will control your emotions. I have always been the strongest AD in my mind." After being seen by fans of the optimistic family, this sentence is inexplicably a little punctuated. There are fans who replied to Wei Shen: You have always been the strongest single in my heart! And with the departure of IMP, the once optimistic family seems to have ceased to exist.

This is the first time that Wei Shen has said that IMP is the strongest AD in his mind, and the players feel a little pity. They think that the strongest AD in Wei Shen’s mind should be UZI. However, Wei Shen is still very convinced of UZI. Before the live broadcast, I said that the S6 All-Star team and UZI together with SOLO had a small 20, and I won a Nima B. UZI is like a monster on the line, but the first AD in the heart is still the IMP of that year. After all, the most strong point recognized by LGD in the summer of LPL is the way down, and the limelight completely covers the most peak of Wei Shen.

IMP is also considered to be a long ADC with a long period of time. In the mid-S2, it was the first debut of Hanbok. It was praised as the strongest ADC in Korea in the past six months. In the S3 spring semi-final, the first-hand policewoman education Piglet, although the summer game lost to SKT, But the relationship with the road is not big, I still remember the second policewoman + 婕 V VN + Qin female, the first wave of soldiers into the tower, five minutes pressed Piglet twenty knives; S4 in the country can not beat SSB, but Still not his pot, mainly because the Pawn in the middle of the road was a little worse than Dade. Before the semi-final of the S4 World Tournament, I said that I would cry Deft. The final result was known to everyone. The final was killed by UZI. , the change of the line, but the overall gap is not big; S5LGD one-handed skate shoes smashed and killed, after the LGD explosion but has been the point that LGD can rely on.

As Deft commented, IMP is very, very smart. I personally think that IMP is the best ADC in Korea, and I hope to return to the peak!