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Guibei Scenic Area welcomes rainfall, Guinan scenic area is still hot

Tourism 2018-05-26 03:15:18 289

China Weather Network Guangxi Station News Today (26th), Guibei Scenic Area will welcome the rain, please friends to prepare rain gear and travel again. The Guizhong and Guinan scenic spots are still dominated by cloudy weather, and the temperature is high. Please pay attention to the heatstroke prevention sunscreen when going out to play.

Weather in Guibei Shanshui Tourist Area (Guilin Lijiang River, Liuzhou Duoleyan, Rong'an Rongshui Miaojia Style, Xing'an Lingqu, etc.): Today, cloudy to thunderstorms, southerly 1-2, lowest The temperature is 23 to 26 ° C, and the maximum temperature is 30 to 34 ° C.

Weather in the coastal sunshine area of ​​Guinan (Beihai Yintan, Dongxing Golden Beach, Weizhou Island, etc.): Today, cloudy, temperature 28-34 °C. Beibu Gulf surface: Today day, cloudy, southerly winds 5, gusts 6th, please pay attention to the sea vessels; 27th, showers or thunderstorms, southerly winds 4 to 5.

The weather in the tourist area of ​​the southwestern Guangxi border area (Pingxiang Friendship Pass, Dongxing, Jingxi Tongling Grand Canyon, Daxin Detian Waterfall, etc.): Today, cloudy and showering, southerly 1-2, lowest The temperature is 26 ° C, the highest temperature is 32 ~ 35 ° C.

The red, eco-tourism area of ​​Guixi (Baby Uprising Memorial Hall, Dawangling, Bama Changshou Township, etc.): Today, part of the cloudy turn to moderate rain, partly cloudy to shower, some southeast winds turn northeast 1 to 2, some southeast winds 1 to 2, the lowest temperature is 23 to 27 ° C, the highest temperature is 28 to 35 ° C. (Editor: Xie Xiaolin)