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Experience! Jingdong world's first full-process unmanned warehouse is like this!

Technology 2018-05-25 19:50:17 1

Jingdong invested in the world's first full-process unmanned warehouse in October last year--Shanghai Jiading Asia No.1 Phase III. After more than half a year of development, the unmanned warehouse has become the first full-scale operation and practical use. Unmanned warehouse, currently carrying the logistics sorting and packaging of 200,000 single 3C electronic products and personal care products in East China.

On the morning of May 24, the unmanned warehouse opened for the first time to open the reception media. On the occasion of this year's 618, JD.com displayed its self-developed intelligent control unmanned warehouse system. In addition to creating momentum, the company has also seen its determination to lead the future of global smart logistics.

How does the unmanned warehouse work?

After a rigorous security check and dress review, visitors were able to enter the unmanned warehouse work area. From the scene, this unmanned warehouse covering an area of ​​40,000 square meters is mainly divided into three areas, storage + "inbound + sorting + packaging" + out of the warehouse, and the entire process is full of robotic arm .

In the storage area, a large number of commodity categories are stored in the intensive box. Once an order is generated, it will pick up the required goods by the conveyor belt and the robot, and send it to the “Inbound + Sorting + Packing” area to organize and package the information. The remaining unneeded goods are transported back to the warehouse by the conveyor belt. The reporter noted that the storage area is a matte area, which can save a lot of electricity.

Afterwards, I came to the sorting area. The reporter found that there are three types of AGVs performing their duties. The most eye-catching is the more than 300 “Little Reds” AGVs, which are responsible for placing small parcels into different transshipping packages according to the order address. . According to reports, these very good-looking guys run at a speed of 3 meters per second, which is the fastest sorting speed in the world. If the "traffic" is congested, they will automatically "avoid" and will also be sorted according to the amount of on-site sorting. Automatically choose to rest or work; if there is no power, they will automatically go to the charging pile on the wall to charge, the physical recovery is super fast - charging for 10 minutes can work for four hours.

The second round of distribution and packaging was then completed by the medium-sized AGV, and the large AGV sent the large parcels that were finally sent to the JD terminal distribution site to the conveyor. The conveyor belt can be extended directly from the warehouse to the transport vehicle outside the warehouse. Next, it is the cooperation between the transport vehicle and the terminal delivery personnel, and the parcels are sent to the consumers.

Pu Pujiang, the person in charge of the unmanned warehouse, told the reporter that behind all these operations, the overall control is the “smart” brain independently developed by Jingdong, which can calculate the running of more than 300 “Little Red Man” in the 0.2 seconds. A feasible path and make the best choice. The intelligent control system has a response speed of 0.017 seconds and a three-fold increase in operational efficiency, both of which are world-leading.

▌The first public unmanned warehouse construction standard

In addition, JD.com also publicized the world-class construction standards for unmanned warehouses for the first time. After more than ten years of experience in logistics and construction of unmanned warehouses, Jingdong Logistics has become the core representative of smart warehousing.

At the scene, Zhang Genyun, the chief planner of Jingdong Logistics, explained the standard from three levels: “unmanned operation”, “operational digitization” and “decision-making intelligence”. In terms of unmanned work, unmanned warehouses must have three “poles” capabilities, and the single core indicators, the stability of equipment, and the division of labor of various equipments can reach the level of extremes.

In terms of operational digitization, unmanned warehouse is an extremely complex system. The most intelligent place is its ability to operate and execute according to instructions. It is its own decision-making, judgment, error correction and self-repair. ability. In the operation process, the data information related to the face sheet, the package, and the bar code must be collected and perceived by the system. If an abnormality occurs, it must be judged by itself.

In terms of intelligent decision-making, unmanned warehouses can achieve optimal cost, efficiency and experience.

In the entire supply chain system, warehousing is the core link, and the unavailability of unmanned warehouses is to drive upstream and downstream collaborative decision-making. Its data enables upstream suppliers and downstream distribution to respond more promptly and make quick decisions. Adjustment, and then form a common synergy and common wisdom of the entire society and the entire supply chain.

Cai Jin, vice president of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, believes that: "The development of smart logistics is open and has no boundaries. Only openness can be achieved in order to achieve consensus in the business. Jingdong Logistics exports unmanned warehouses to the industry. The construction standards will enable every enterprise in the industry to enjoy the fruits of smart logistics development, and will promote China's smart logistics to lead the world in an all-round way."

The core of self-built logistics - "Asian One"

In addition to the vertical elevation of smart logistics technology, JD.com is also making a major attack on the horizontal layout of logistics and warehousing. In addition to the more than 500 warehouses, JD.com currently has a number of 14 projects in the 9 cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other eight major cities. Jingdong Logistics also said that in the next five years, Asia No. 1 will be built in more than 30 core cities nationwide, achieving comprehensive radiation of intelligent warehousing in seven regions of the country, with a view to normalizing smart logistics technology.

According to the reporter's understanding, Asia No. 1 is one of the largest and most automated modern intelligent logistics projects in Asia within the scope of JD. It is through large-scale storage, sorting, packaging, transportation and sorting of goods. Apply automation equipment, robots, and intelligent management systems to reduce costs and increase efficiency. At the same time, Jingdong Logistics plans and layouts according to the commodity attributes and sorting needs of various regions of the country, specifically addressing the imbalance of large, medium and small orders, complex scenarios, and achieving organic matching and comprehensive comprehensive logistics processing capabilities. Upgrade. For example, the unmanned warehouses of this visit are the distribution of small orders such as mobile phones that are concentrated around 70%.

Self-built logistics is regarded as one of Jingdong's core competitiveness, and “Asian One” is regarded as the flagship project and “secret weapon” of Jingdong.

Zhang Genyun also said: "We started the "Asia No. 1" self-built logistics project in 2010. After several years of development and development, "Asia No. 1" is now in a rapid development stage. With the continuous expansion of Jingdong business, future customers The demand for us will be even greater. “Asian One” is our leading storage base and the key layout of our smart logistics. In the future, we will promote the intelligent technology of Jingdong Unmanned Warehouse to all “Asian No.1”. in".

Palm chain media reporter Wu Shan