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Electric cars charge those things, you have to know!

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In order to promote the fire safety management of electric vehicles and improve the fire safety awareness of residents in the area, the police of the police station of Zouping County Public Security Bureau recently carried out the fire safety promotion work of battery vehicles in the jurisdiction, strengthened the charging management of electric vehicles, and filled the gaps in the fire protection of the masses. ".

The police posted the “Five Safety Bans on Fire Safety of Electric Vehicles” in prominent positions such as the public notice column, guard room, community park and door of the household unit at the entrance of each district in the jurisdiction, thus reminding the residents of the community to enhance fire safety awareness and strengthen fire prevention work.

In conjunction with actual cases, explain to the masses the serious hazards caused by parking electric vehicles and storing inflammable and explosive materials in the corridor, reminding the public to strictly prohibit the parking of electric vehicles or charging electric vehicles in public areas of shared walkways, stairwells and safety exit lights. A fire accident occurred.

At the same time, it also inspected the fire prevention equipment and facilities in the community and residential areas, further strengthened the source management of electric vehicle fire safety, and raised the problems, and urged the property to formulate targeted countermeasures to fulfill fire management duties in accordance with the law and eliminate fires in time. Hidden dangers.

Through publicity, the people in the area fully recognized the serious harm of electric vehicle fires, further improved the people's safety awareness, and effectively eliminated potential safety hazards.

Ok, so much said

It is necessary to give everyone a "dry goods"

Feel more intuitive~~

At about 3:40 am on April 13, 2018, a fire broke out at the Jingdong Expressway at No. 6 Wujiadun Dongyuan, Gongshu District, Hangzhou.

After receiving the alarm, Hangzhou Fire Command Center dispatched 18 fire brigade officers from Gongshu Squadron Kangqiao Squadron to the scene for disposal. Due to the immediate rescue, the fire did not spread further. The area of ​​fire was controlled within 2 square meters. Casualties.

Take a look at the live video

A charging battery placed on a small cart in the delivery point suddenly sparked.

Within a few seconds, the thick smoke mixed with the fire, and then formed an open fire within a few square meters.

The fire was also burned to a few couriers placed around.

After the incident, the fire department investigated the fire, and the video surveillance restored the situation at that time. The fire was caused by the charging of the electric vehicle battery. The spark from the battery to the surveillance video was interrupted by the fire. It only took 23 seconds and the speed was fast. Surprisingly.

蜀黍 Remind everyone not to charge electric cars at home or in the corridor.

Three major hazards after electric vehicle charging fires

1. Vicious gas

When an electric vehicle burns, it will produce highly toxic carbon monoxide and other gases, which will be filled in the building.

2, high temperature smoke

Inhalation of high temperature fumes, the trachea can be burned, which can lead to suffocation.

3, The line of sight is blocked

The black smoke generated by the burning of electric vehicles is likely to cause insufficient light in the building, which brings great difficulties for evacuation.


Once the electric car is on fire,

After 90 seconds, the temperature reached 200 °C.

When the electric car is charging daily,

To strictly follow the following requirements:

Do not charge in the corridor! ! !

Do not park at the safe exit! ! !

Don't pull the wires to charge! ! !

Don't be in group renting and crowded places

Park, charge! ! !

Because of the poison gas produced by the burning of an electric car,

Enough to make hundreds of people suffocate and die!