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Jiuzhai returns without looking at the water, and the Russian pond returns without looking at the flowers.

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Jiuzhai returns without looking at the water, and the Russian pond returns without looking at the flowers

When the temperature in most areas has reached 30+°C, the spring of Russia’s pond has just begun.

Under the blue sky, the 30000 acres of grassland flowers sway with the wind, looking at the innocent, very tempting

This summer, how can watermelon ice cream be less Liao and Liao Huahai, the color of this season is the color that this season should have.

China's most beautiful grassland flower sea

Russian Mouth, also known as Russian Mutang, a bright ecological pearl and tourist gem inlaid on the northwestern plateau of Sichuan

The dozens of square kilometers of the Russian Mouth meadow, a sea of ​​flowers, a paradise of all the way, can be called "Palace of the Plateau", just like "the paradise on earth"

A flower is nodding in the wind, smiling, sitting in the sea of ​​flowers, breathing grass and flowers, what a pleasant day

The size of the flower sea is large, and the density is high. It is rare in the plateau grassland area. The most beautiful plateau flower sea, the cloud wetland peach source

Small flowers of various colors, unscrupulously open, although only a part of it is now open, still beautiful and fascinating

In the heat of summer, indulge in the environment of light and calm, enjoy the leisure time, as if the whole world is full of aroma

The Red Plains Prairie is the closest grassland to Chengdu. In recent years, the fire of the Russian pond and the sea of ​​flowers has also reminded people of this beautiful place to enjoy the coolness.

This plateau emerald hidden in western Sichuan, the value of the face is about to reach its peak, and the flowers bloom into the sea, waiting for you to come to the waves.

The grasslands that make you look at the end, the sky at your fingertips, the romantic atmosphere of beautiful flowers

When a lot of places have entered the barbecue mode, at this time, the Russian pond is high in the sky, the grass is green, and the flowers of various colors are beautiful.

Yellow, purple, white, red...the sea of ​​flowers is natural, colorful, huge, and hopeless

The blue sky, the snow-capped peaks, the open grassland, the vast sea of ​​flowers, and the fusion of each other make people feel fascinated

Grassland, horses, blue sky, white clouds, flowers... I don’t know if people are painting or painting in the landscape.

Come here, you can also set up tents, lay up carpets, and taste Tibetan food while enjoying the sea of ​​flowers.

Starry night, starry sky, bright moonlight on the grassland, the world is quiet, the evening wind gently blows, the grass waves are ups and downs, it looks extraordinarily comfortable

Of course, you can also bring your own tents. The Russian Mutang Grassland is divided into 1.2.3 camps. In addition to the grassland, you can also choose to camp in the camp.

There are also tents available at the scene. You can watch the stars at night and really appreciate the so-called “reaching your hand to pick the stars”.

The traveler’s outdoor club is waiting to meet you to see the sea of ​​flowers.