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10 destinations that are most suitable for couples to travel in China. If you have been to more than 5 destinations, get married!

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Mr. Qian Zhongshu once said

"If you want to be married, go on a trip first."

After the boat has been exhausted

Have not been disgusted with each other

Haven’t quarreled yet

Such a couple can really get married!

The sun is just right, love is strong

May you travel with one hand

Leave the best memories!

Yunnan Dali

And TA sit quietly at the sea

Dali is the place where the dream of the couple begins. It is a legend that is stable and quiet.

Photography by HEEMEAN

Wandering in the quaint streets and alleys, accompanied by the breeze and the bright moon, listening to the small town telling the story of old things, stepping on the bluestone board to see the tie-dye antiques, watching the sunrise, watching the sunset, chatting, drinking tea together on the shore of the Bohai Sea; Peng Jinhua pure love...

For each couple, Dali is real, inaction, tolerant, and harmonious.

Photography by July Shimmer -


Small and fresh romance

Taiwan has a perfect combination of romance and small freshness. Whether it is the people here or the scenery here will always appear in front of our eyes in a unique posture.

And many place names are very romantic, such as many places will be named after "lovers", such as Valentine's Wharf, Lovers Slope, Lovers Bridge and so on.

Photography byKGLIKEME

Photography by purple clothes

When you come, you will find that walking these classic routes without a partner is like owing a journey to youth.

Photography by Caola

Xiamen Gate

Love is a smashing flower

Xiamen, this sounds very happy place. Rent a tandem bicycle to the roundabout, you are in my back seat, stop and go together.

While riding a bicycle, blowing the sea breeze along the way, occasionally can stop to listen to the performance of a roadside singer.

Or stop aimlessly, cat graffiti everywhere, full of joy and fun.

Photography by ice light green


Experience the tranquility of the water by the awning boat

Some people say that the best place in the world for love and sympathy is Wuzhen.

Wuzhen is a holy land that is easily accessible to the soul. It is very suitable for the partners who are deeply and lovingly coveted.

Photography by farmers

Walk in a long shed and hang around in a quaint residential shop; or soak a pot of tea, and lover to look at the sun on the water, quietly taste the ancient scent of fireworks.

Photography by four


End of the earth

Sanya is a place to fall in love.

Photography by Nanfeng Yuming

Here, the promise of the end of the earth is always at your fingertips; here, the warmth of the four seasons is like the embrace of a lover...

Walking in Sanya by hand, watching the sunset and sunrise together is the best way to witness love!

Chaka Salt Lake


Go to Chaka Salt Lake, immerse yourself in the pure white world, and feel the purity and beauty of the paradise.

Photography by a Rui Aries

The "mirror" and "net" of Chaka Salt Lake are like dreams, such as the world. Such a place is simply born for taking pictures.

Any shot is a blockbuster.

Photography by Big Fish and FUN

Strolling through the world of salt marshes, succumbing to this breathtaking beauty, the day is seamless, and fortunate to be the elf between heaven and earth.

Fenghuang Ancient Town

It is filled with the taste of love.

Phoenix, the most beautiful small town in China. The green Lijiang River passes under the ancient city wall, and the green hills of the Pinnacle are reflected in the middle of the river.

The slings on the shore are patchwork, green trees, and a paper umbrella, and walk in the rain with the lover, the view is quiet and peaceful.

Photography by Mingde 396

Here, the mountains are verdant, the water is agile, the sun is warm, and in the meantime, every soul that is infiltrated by love is happy.


Qingshan is the card, green water is the basis

Green Water Qingshan is the representative of pure love. Liu Sanjie is a holy place for love vows under the big banyan tree. For thousands of years, it has witnessed the true love of countless couples.

The wind whispered across the face, the sun and the sunshine of the sun, sprinkled into the hearts of young boys and girls.

With the lover sitting in the water and flowing down the river, the river is clear and clear, the fish swims, the breeze smashes, and the ripples, such as the fairyland, this life between the mountains and rivers, but what to ask.

West Lake

Entangling the love of the millennium

Most of the most beautiful love in Chinese classical music happened in Hangzhou. Such a city full of poetry itself has become a difficult knot in the hearts of many lovers because of the existence of the West Lake.

The West Lake is a rare and rainy day than the sunny days. The south of the Yangtze River is very dense and sinuous, and the scenery is more and more poetic.

This misty lake, silently witnessed the countless times of love.


There is a romantic called Shangri-La

The beautiful and serene Shangri-La, whether it is a leisurely blue sky and white clouds, or a magnificent vast snow-capped grassland, tells the story of beauty and romance.

This is the closest place to heaven, where love is sprouting and hatching.

Along with the herds of cattle and sheep, the sky like a mirror, the magnificent temple, here is a paradise for countless lovers and lovers, and the fascinating flower sea witnesses the eternal love.

The most romantic thing in the world

It’s better to go to the most beautiful scenery with the people you love.

Two people holding hands

Relying on each other in strange streets

Looking at the young, squatting and leaving the footprint of love

Let’s go and go on a trip.

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