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One Piece: Three things that Qing Zhi once did to Robin, and one item can easily break the leg

Anime 2018-05-21 22:51:33 12

Believe that the partner who saw the story after the war on top of One Piece all knows that the former general innocent failed to compete for the commander of the Marshal with the Chikans and was also interrupted by a dog. However, do you still remember the three things that Qing Zhi once did to Robin?

Just picking it up can let the red dog interrupt another childish leg. So what are the three? Let's take a look at it together below. Special reminder must see the end.

The first thing: Robin when he was a child

One thing that Qing Zhi once questioned himself most was to freeze his friend Sauro in O'Hara's massacre campaign 20 years ago, but let go of Robin, who was supposed to be executed. In the O'Hara incident, the young man thought that O'Hara had violated the law first and he deserved to be punished. However, what he did not understand was why the offenders who wanted to protect their lives were also protected.

Therefore, Qing Zhi told the young Robin that he was happy to save his life and that he should live a low-key life in the future. And warn Robin that he is not her companion but an enemy. If the youngest think that Robin is going to be wrong, then he will be the first person to arrest Robin.

The naive release of Robin can be said to be the most terrible seed for the world government. Robin also became the most feared woman of the Five Stars and even the Dragons. Of course, the younger generation has also been distressing to let go of Robin for more than 20 years. This is not only because of the righteousness of the young, but also because it is a serious betrayal of the navy. If this matter is leaked again, The childishness will be rewarded immediately, and it may not be the case that one leg can be resolved by the red dog.

The second thing: Robin's growth after putting it up

The second thing that is innocent to do is not letting the dog know, or let Robin leave. Before the judicial island incident, innocent youth had met with straw hats and gangs. At that time, the innocent child expressed that he was passing by. He was not ready to arrest them for soy sauce, but he suddenly changed his attention. Luffy freezes.

Originally, Qingzhi used his fingers to randomly crack Luffy and Robin. Not to mention the big island of justice. Even the One Piece movie can be completed early.

However, they did not do it in a naive manner. Not only did Robin have once been released, but he also sold personal feelings to the future One Piece. However, this matter, if it is known to the Chikan, it is estimated that innocent can break one leg again.

The third thing: Robin who boarded a straw hat boat

The third thing that was innocent was to let Robin out of the air to blow up the red dog. In the party held after Robin was rescued on Judiciary Island, Qing Zhi once appeared and had a conversation with Robin.

Qing Zhi said that he complied with Sauluo’s will and let Robin leave. He just wanted to see if the guardian life was right or wrong. Now he is very happy that Robin can finally find a real shelter and wish her to Live well. Some people say that childishness is like playing games for Robin. Some people still say that they are naive like Robin and so on.

However, I think that the reasons for naively releasing Robin three times, in addition to the care given by Luffy’s grandfather Karp have been taken care of by many young people during his youthful career, are the judgments of what he himself is about justice, and therefore he has always been Incompetent but innocent, he did not withdraw from the position of the Marshal and launched the Navy after the defeat. However, the juvenile three judgments are enough to interrupt one of his legs again.

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