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Warship hit ship warship wounded? Are American ships so weak?

History 2018-05-20 20:24:50 0

In the image of our ordinary people, the steel that makes warships is probably the best steel. After all, in the process of sailing, or in the middle of a war, if two warships collide, only one with good quality can minimize the loss. But if a warship collides with a cargo ship, who will lose it? Let's take a look at this today to see if the problem is exactly where the losses are.

It is very likely that someone would say that if a warship collides with an ordinary merchant ship, it is definitely a merchant vessel. However, the actual situation was unexpected. From the examples of collisions between many warships and merchant ships, the most seriously injured was a warship, not a merchant ship.

According to news reports, the U.S. warships and the Philippine merchant ships collided at sea. As a result, the three soldiers on the U.S. warship were wounded, and the commander on the warship was also injured. Several soldiers were missing. However, on the other hand, the Philippine cargo ship did not receive news of casualties. Therefore, in terms of the degree of injury, the U.S. warships are much more serious than the merchant ships in the Philippines.

Of course, if the two ships collide, they must also consider whether one side is stationary or whether one side has acceleration. If this factor is taken into consideration, the fast-moving party in the distance will suffer more serious injuries. This is a common knowledge in physics.

The sea area where the warship collided with the merchant ship was in the Sea of ​​Japan. After the collision, several injured American sailors were rescued by the Japanese Marine Police. Judging from the consequences of the impact, the right side of the US warship was hit with a large area. However, when we look at the Philippine merchant ship, not only does the personnel on the Philippine merchant ship affect the ship, but at the same time, the merchant ship has no trace of impact. Of course, in addition to being particularly embarrassed by the fragile warships of the warships, many people also questioned whether they were able to collide with merchant ships when they were driving on a wide sea and were still in the daytime. It's incredible.