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Mayflowers sparkle and go hand in hand with five dragon pools

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Spring is coming in summer, flowers and trees are blooming, and the pomegranate in Wulongtan is in full bloom in the green summer. The green leaves are lining with safflowers, clusters of trees, and they look far away like red flames.

According to reports, the pomegranate was introduced into the Central Plains from the Western Regions. Jin Zhanghua's "Natural History" contains: "Zhang Qian's mission to the Western Regions, Dean Tu Linan's pomegranate to return, called the security pomegranate." In the Tang Dynasty, Wu Zetian particularly liked the pomegranate and once appeared in Chang'an.

Pomegranate flowers are red, orange, yellow-white, but red is the most common. The general lunar calendar in May (last year has a bright moon, so this year's flowering earlier) is the most glamorous season for the pomegranate blossoms. In May, it is also known as the "durian moon."

The pomegranate is full of bright red flowers, full of fruit, mature in mid-autumn, and it can be described as Chunhua and Qiushi, which is very close to our traditional culture and aesthetic standards. The literati is a psalms that left many songs and pomegranates.

Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi "Tibetan Mountain Pomegranate Flower" cloud: "A bundle of 1000 pressure dry, broken red pipa but for the regiment. Wind 袅 dance waist incense endless, exposed makeup tears fresh dry."

The poet Wang Song of the Song Dynasty said, "The pomegranate flower" cloud: "In the mother-in-law's court, you see the family and you can't steal the next day. Who knows what to do?"

Su Shi’s “Lang-Rang-Ling-Early Summer” cloud: “If the light rain passes through, the lotus leaves turn over, and the flowers of the pomegranate blossom open. Then the jade pots make clear springs, and Qiong Zhu breaks up but round.”

Later, the pomegranate and Chinese clothing culture have also been closely linked, there are poems to describe the pomegranate flower like a dancer's skirt. Liang Yuandi's "Umah Song" has the lyrics of "Hibiscus is a ribbon of garnet", which is the origin of the "garnet skirt."

The pomegranate in the Wulongtan scenic area is mostly red, sometimes orange and pink, with single-lobed double-valve. Among them, the south side of Qinqiong Temple is double-flowered safflower pomegranate, and the side of Yin Qingshui has orange-pink single-petalled pomegranates. On the south side, there is also planting around Crescent Moon Spring. The Wuzhong Qi Exhibition Hall is the longest in history, with a period of 60 or 70 years.

In this refreshing summer

Meet five dragon pools together

Enjoy the hot pomegranate flower!

Wen: Song Xinhong

Picture: Guo Yan