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The most beautiful Gege in the late Qing Dynasty wooed Pu Yi, Pu Yi was an ordinary nurse who became a mad wife.

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Although the feudal system has been abolished for more than two millennia, our descendants still have a great interest in it. We often learn about the then events from history books and television dramas. Like our ordinary people, of course, as historical scholars do not conduct in-depth study of history, we may have a great interest in the daily life of the ancients. For example, what is the diet of the people in the palace of the Qing dynasty, or are those crickets chosen to look good?

Everyone must have understood that in the late Qing Dynasty, the most beautiful princess in the palace was Wang Minzheng, and her father and grandparents were well-known people in the palace. Wang Minyan is tall, and the facial features are very beautiful. He is also very white and looks very well. He is sensible and generous and belongs to the kind of lady.

Such a perfect girl, but likes married men, he is funeral. Because Grace is a cousin of Minh Min Ho, so Minh Min had to hide this feeling in her heart. However, Min Min’s heart could not put down the funeral instrument, and for some reasons, she dragged her on even if she reached the age of marriage.

Later, Puyi was granted an amnesty. Wang Minxi wanted to allow Puyi to accept himself emotionally by having a chance to eat with Puyi. However, Puyi was not interested in Wang Minhuan. Puyi did not want to marry a Manchu woman because he wanted to forget the past. Puyi wants to start again, no matter in terms of feelings or life.

As a result, Wang Minyan completely died. Even if someone mentions her to her, she does not have the heart. In fact, she did not marry anyone for her funeral. When she was in her old age, Wang Minsheng actually collapsed and died alone.

Puyi eventually married a normal nurse. The pity of the most beautiful princess, loved Pu Yi's life, but not available.