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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei AI & Future Science and Technology Development Matchmaking Fair Debuts at "518" Conciliation Fair

Technology 2018-05-19 03:29:23 8

Great Wall Network Langfang May 18 (Reporter Zhou Yabin) In the afternoon of May 18, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei artificial intelligence and future technology development matchmaking meeting was held in Langfang, Hebei. As one of the events in the "Cooperative Development" section of the "May 18th" Economic and Trade Fair this year, dozens of experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad gathered to share their innovative experiences and seek innovation and cooperation.

The Jingjinjing artificial intelligence and the future technology development matchmaking workshop. Reporter Zhou Yabin

Jia Yongqing, deputy mayor of Langfang City, made a speech. Reporter Zhou Yabin

Jia Yongqing, deputy mayor of Langfang City, said that the current requirement for environmental protection is getting higher and higher, so Langfang must accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and vigorously develop strategic emerging industries. “In the area of ​​artificial intelligence development, Langfang is located in Beijing in the north and Xiong'an in the west. It has an inherent regional advantage. The development of strategic emerging industries is an inevitable choice in Langfang, and Langfang will also attract high-tech companies to develop with preferential policies.”

Zhang Dan, a member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, shared his research on artificial intelligence. Reporter Zhou Yabin

Dan Dan, an academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, said that in recent years, China has invested more and more in the field of robotics, and has achieved more and more results. Some of the research results have reached or even exceeded the world-class level. "At the same time, the government has introduced a series of policies to promote the development of the robotics industry. I believe that China's robotics technology will surely become the world leader in the near future."

According to Academician Zhang Dan, strengthening cooperation between China and Canada in the field of robotics is an effective guarantee for achieving win-win results for both sides. “In the future, China and Canada can strengthen cooperation in personnel training, research projects, and industrialization of scientific research results. ".

Chairman of Zhejiang Zhichang Robotics Industry Group, Ganzhong Middle School, made a speech on the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence. Reporter Zhou Yabin

Chairman of Zhejiang Zhichang Robotics Industry Group, Gan Zhong Middle School, is a cross-border expert in intelligent manufacturing and energy system engineering. He once served as executive chairman of the second to fourth China Robotics Summit. He said that Chinese robots, whether industrial robots, service robots, or special robots, are very hot. "Overall, this is a good thing for the promotion of China's real economy."

In terms of serving robots, Gan said: “The Chinese have made service robots a variety of business areas, even families and societies. It should be said that this trend is very encouraging. Let’s say we have more robots than we do abroad. Our home robots are also very hot, which greatly reduces the gap between our country and foreign service robots."

At the meeting, experts also discussed topics such as the impact of artificial intelligence on daily life, the active role of artificial intelligence in healthcare, and the direction of development.