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Eighteen years ago classics, most people must have seen

Anime 2018-05-16 17:35:15 0


When it comes to classic animations, this is an animation that can't go around. The twists and turns of the story, the fullness of characters, and the intrinsic emotions reminded me of a movie “Freaking Four Hundred Years” PS: This movie is also pretty good to see~

Keke, when it comes to this classic work by Takahashi Rumiko, the people who must have seen it are definitely impressive. The inexhaustible persistence of Inuyasha, the simplicity of Kagome, and everything that happened between them all contributed to this classic work.

What's the good thing about this work? Listen to me with you.

Everyone is shaped by blood and personality. The characters in the successful anime "One Piece" "Slam Dunk" have their own past and unique personality, so as to leave a deep impression on people. Such as the main character Inuyasha, dressed in red robe hair wolf ears, from the image to see is actually very handsome and very lovable, with the current words is a stupid arrogant little wolf dog.

The shot of the bulb was a shot of Inuyasha, but when he saw that Kago was mistaken for the bellflower side, he did not have a trace of hatred. After knowing the wrong person, he only said, "The bellflower looks much smarter than you, and it is much better. "After learning that Inuyasha plundered the spirit of the four souls is actually a Naraku trap, in fact it was a bit distressing for Inuyasha. Auntie Mitsuko's grasp of character emotion can be said to be in place.

Killing Health Pill is a well-deserved hot person in "Inuyasha". From this title, you can see the "noble temperament" of this character. It is also a monster. Killing Pills looks a lot colder, and his comics are silvery. Long hair, on the forehead of the month and India. Jin Bai white robe, this looks like the son of an ancient noble family. When he debuted on stage, he had no mercy on his half-brother's brother. Every time he tried to put him to death, a ruthless image jumped to the screen until he met someone who had changed his life. He was innocent and lovely. Bell, we can see that an absolutely cold heart slowly heats up, slowly has the feeling, until the moment of the bell's death, his inner ice is finally completely melted, killing pill is still a faint Emoticon, but he has someone who cares. He has sympathy for humanity. Blindly ruthless will only make the character single, kill the house from an unfeeling person has become emotional, so that the audience with him experienced the growth.

The crowning touch, Kikyo's unwavering love for Inuyasha.

The bellflower began with the image of a powerful witch, but in fact she was not able to talk to anyone with her heart in order to guard the jade of the four souls, and she could not have a weak state. She encountered a half-inhabited inuyasha that was also disgusted. The encounter of the same soul, the first paragraph ended in misunderstanding, although the misunderstanding was lifted later, but the line of love has come to an end. She knows that there is no future for the dead. She alone has to embark on the rescue of the world to fight against Naraku. At the end, she sacrifices herself and saves the villagers. She is actually an 18-year-old little girl who has lived for the rest of her life. Before she died, it was heartbreaking to kiss and cry under Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, if it is you, what do you hope to achieve with your four souls?"

"I want to be a person and be with you forever."