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If the wine table is asked: "Why not drink, look down on me!" What would you do?

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This depends on what table, learning go big. Let's divide the table of wine first. One: enjoy the funeral table. Two: The usual party wine table. Three: workplace business wine table. Four: eat, drink, and play wine table. Five: as a guest and friends table. Six: The owner invited the wine table.

If someone on the funeral table meets someone who usually talks less often, ignore it, and use kind words to explain why you don’t drink. People who come in contact with more and more people, drink more or just drink something to let the other person down the stairs. The table of happy events and funerals is forbidden to drink!

If the usual party table meets this situation, drink it as much as possible. Can not drink but also to tell the reason. Can usually get together, usually people who come and go to more familiar, loading and dodging are useless. Unless you want to leave them!

Suggest to drink, can not drink to see. After all, wine is really not a good thing.

The first move, "Parkinson"

When someone else drinks you white wine, you must say it! Express your own domineering! Must be full to diffuse. At this time, you lift your glass and sprinkle it with care. While shouting with someone else, sprinkle it and shiver while talking. Don't be too obvious. Pay attention when drinking, take a sip. Then immediately show the quilt to see how much you drink (sprinkle)! How much sincere!

As long as you run into your glass, you have Parkinson!

The second move, "over the mouth"

Suitable for many people, liquor. Prepare a small cup in advance, to the point of boiling water, before you eat, you drink boiled water in the cup. Drink half of it and leave it there. Then drink with others, take a sip, don't eat food, pretend to be hot to the throat, don't look at people, drink plain water, then spit it into a cup. Go back and forth three or four times and put the water in the cup. Continue to cycle. Must be natural ~

Drink red blush, sip a bit, and then drink less. Go to the toilet and pretend to spit. Stay a little longer. The kind that people come to you. When you come out, you will sip your mouth and slam your mouth. Then he went to the table and wanted to accompany him to drink. In fact, no one will let you drink it. Even if you drink a little, go again and spit. Imposingly scary!

"Why don't drink, look down on me." If you are awake, the quality of people who say such things is generally not high. However, people are often involuntarily in the arena, especially when they encounter situations where leaders are present or ask for help. We must also face hardships.

1, can not drink to drink, drink less drink.

When a newcomer joins the ranks or has just arrived in a large environment, he will need to experience the first test of drinking.

If you do not drink, do not seek reasons to shirk, as long as they are not allergic to alcohol, put up a cup to boring. The presence of unit leaders or predecessors in the industry is not only a reflection of your enthusiasm but also a reason for not making a drink in the future. Usually, people who drink badly, slamming a large glass of white wine are basically drunk. If you react a bit bigger and spit it out better, you just watch it. In the future, the impression that you really can't drink is left in everyone's heart. Those who can drink should also drink less, especially when it comes to this kind of forced persuasion. You don't know exactly what their purpose is. There are people outside and people outside the mountains. It's always good to leave some room for yourself.

2, I'm worthy of you, but I can't afford to get sick.

If you encounter this situation in a normal business situation, you can pamper before you drink.