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Huang Xiaoming Hsiu-Wei Huang defeated 13 years has been loopholes? Ruby Lin language secretly!

Entertainment 2017-12-04 10:42:56 9

North shadow Three Musketeers: What kind of life is it? Zhao Wei married Huang Youlong, Huang Xiaoming married Yang Ying, Chen Kun had a 15-year-old mother who did not know who the son, the feelings of these three have a landing. </ span>

Then three people go to school together, filming together, and finally into the entertainment circle, and later a lot of variety shows Huang Xiaoming also repeatedly stressed that when he was at school had been crush on Zhao Wei, very much like her, and later in the "Lu Yuyue" program Huang Xiaoming injured foot gypsum can pick up a handful of Zhao Wei! Oh my God! ! ! Yang Ying do not know how to think? Will not be jealous?

Although the two did not make a couple, but still with a good friend of the relationship, some time ago also recorded program "Chinese restaurant" in the program where the interaction of two people is very close!

Huang Xiaoming handsome and rich, Zhao Wei, why not see him instead marry Huang Youlong it? For this choice of Zhao Wei, everyone was surprised at the same time with surprise, except with a "My Fair Princess" girlfriend Ruby Lin support her and keep understanding, agree with her.

Why is this? There Tianlin heart as accidentally in the program to say more to reveal the story of Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei, originally in the heart of Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming although the same age but has been his brother, Zhao Wei, or in this aspect of marriage like Huang Youlong this mature Men!

In reality, why Huang Youlong captures Zhao Wei's heart, not because of this man can not only be materially satisfied, but also psychologically gives a sense of security, a woman is nothing more than these kind of sample, and Huang Youlong just want you to I have all!

This knows why Zhao Wei Huang Xiaoming will give up Huangyong Long choose it! ?