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Mandarin Jincheng Student Bullying

Other 2018-05-02 02:14:57 1

Jin Chinese

In the March 1st of the 1st of March, Jincheng Chengkuang Middle School had met with bullying. The video shows: The number of twins encircled a female daughter, and the female student gave birth to a hand, with fear and pain. A division heard the news and ordered Zezhou County to inspect the matter. On March 15th, Zezhou taught that the removal of Xuezheng Xin Jianguo, Xuelu Cao Qingliang, Yan Zhuan Li Jinuo, Ma Weimin, Xi Ximeng Li Bing, Li Shuhong, and Wang Yanbing were self-examination, and Xiaoxu Juxian. Fifteen people with bullying, twenty-seven and twenty-eight were arrested; those who did not have twenty-seven were excused and their parents were strictly disciplined.

Gan language

In March 11th, there was a scholar bow exposure: Liangzhou cited the foundation stone of the "Cervity Melamine Nuclear Power System of the Chinese Academy of Sciences" project. There are Taoist priests and yellow ceremonies, and there are ceremonial altars for seasonal fruit and vegetables. Blood sacrifice. Suddenly at a loss. The following day, the Chinese Academy of Sciences ordered an investigation. There was Si Yun, who was the instrument of worship for the “contribution” of the builders and had dismissed them. This is a move that “does not ask the common people to ask the ghosts”.