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The One Piece Aunt Tea Party: Someone is defeated. Someone is struggling to survive but the biggest winner is him.

Anime 2018-04-30 16:36:46 1

The aunt’s article finally came to an end. Unfortunately, Luffy and others did not beat Auntie. Surprisingly, Luffy and others who challenged the four emperors in the site of the four emperors ushered in. Unexpected ending.

For Auntie, the Winsmoochs were supposed to be killed at the tea party, but due to Brin's accident, the action was delayed and the original plan was broken. When they wanted to start, they were stopped by Yamaji. Of course, it all depends on the stirring of Luffy and others. And surprisingly, Brooke shattered the photos of the nuns as planned, but the aunt was only confused and not as unconscious as originally planned.

However, on the whole, failing to kill the Winsmok family was the biggest failure for the Auntie Pirates. However, the failure is not just this. Compared with Auntie, Luffy was notoriously far-fetched, but in the end he hadn’t looked at the way the four emperors had looked. However, this is the case. The serious boy of the four emperors is not only bringing Huang's favorite tea party out of action. The key is that the aunt has yet to catch him. This is the failure of the entire Auntie Pirate Corps.

And Luffy and others are fortunate. Half-boarders go to work with their mothers. To tell the truth, strength is to make a difference. Do not want to think of Tokushima. How many people were involved in getting more than one francophone, and Aunt and Mingco were obviously not at one level. In fact, the success of the assassination of the aunt has been unsuccessful, because, for them, escape is the biggest victory, not to mention the return of Sanji, but also the extension of the history of the text, even on the boat.

However, the Aunt Pirates regiment is good, and Luffy and his gang are good. As the people in the game, they either suffer or lose and suffer a lot. There are individuals who, as outsiders, watch the excitement throughout, but have become the biggest winner. He is the newspaper president Morgans.

It is said that Morgans is a CP0 person. In other words, it is the world government that holds world public opinion. However, this is not the most interesting thing. As a spy-like person, Morgans came here to watch lively from the very beginning, but originally he only watched lively, but he met Lufei and other people's tea party, which was a big news for the world. It's just too lucky that Morgans can be present. It's the dream of everyone who does news. It feels best to visit the scene. Therefore, when others are busy running away, he does not choose to continue to track the development of the situation.

However, this is only one aspect. On the other hand, as a government spy, he did get a lot of information in this time, such as the importance of the nun's photo to the aunt, and the ability of many people present at the scene to be learned by him. The ship’s government of Luffy’s boat can also immediately know that it was also known to the aunt that he intended to assassinate Jelma 66. It can be said that whether he is a journalist or a government spy, he is the ultimate winner.

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