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The conspiracy of the world government The birth of the fifth emperor of the New World? Shanks: Luffy!

Anime 2018-04-30 17:08:31 0

The aunt was finally over, and Luffy and others formally marched toward the country of peace. Thinking about the soon to see cable, Xiao Bian can not help but one after another excitement in my heart. Nami can be said to be this dark horse, but she did not expect too much from her performance. However, not only was Luffy’s God assist, but she helped Lu Fei defeat the Zeus after defeating the cress. , It really is a good thing, the key even Prometheus also turned over, straw hat pirates will have to add a play with the fire.

Just when everyone was sighed with relief for Luffy and his party, heavy weight came. It was a reward. In terms of rewards, the reward for Sanji’s reward has already changed from 170 million to 300 million. Under this situation, the madness of the king’s madness has risen. On what basis, this lovable knight boy has actually risen to 330 million, The cable is only 300 million. Shan Zhi’s overnight arrest was also a noticeable change. From onlylive to liveordead, it also showed that Yamaji had no burden at all.

When Lu Fei saw his reward, he was surprised. He thought he had changed from 300 million to 150 million. This is indeed a great surprise. Because the bounty is something that should not only rise but not fall. Luffy was very disappointed, but careful Brooke soon discovered that instead of becoming 150 million, it became 1.5 billion, because Luffy was considered a zero. This surprised the whole group.

However, does Luffy really have a value of 1.5 billion? This is a very controversial issue. Many people believe that this is the world government's slaying and killing. To allow Luffy to run into the New World, he will soon die. Another idea is that Luffy can defeat Kata Ku Li, and the strength of 1.5 billion is still there. There is no such thing as holding and killing. In Xiao Bian's view, this is simply a conspiracy of the world government, and the so-called killing is nothing compared with conspiracy.

Morgans is the minutia of the world government. After the tea party, his news has used a whole page to write Luffy. Some people say that this is an intentional arrangement of the government and it is obviously too much to lift Luffy. But in fact, there may be more knowledge here. Not to mention that Luffy’s value is not worth 1.5 billion. He said that Luffy now is the only one of the fifth-largest thieves group that is second only to the four emperors after Tokushima. The number of people in the thieves’ group is more than 5,000. Gathered various roles. This is a big straw hat pirate group.

With Luffy defeating Kata Kuri, whose reward is close to one billion Baileys, even if it is set at RMB 1.5 billion, it is not surprising that Luffy’s bounty can’t just rely on his strength. According to his influence. Dare to assassinate the aunt, but also the first seven Wuhai income, which increases the risk of Luffy, so it should also be reflected in the bounty. Although Kata Curry is very strong, but at best it is only a beater of the aunt's men, and Luffy, identity is more.

The captain of the straw cap big-captain group, the son of the revolutionary dragon, and the younger brother of the revolutionary Saab, who had passed over the Judiciary Island, made a big prison on the sea floor, and even had a naval headquarters. Such a figure obviously considered the danger and influence and gave him more. Several hundred million are not surprising. However, this approach of the world government may have another layer of thinking. That is, Luffy is too high, and the four emperors are belittled, and then the four emperors will be directed at Luffy. In this case, Luffy will die. Soon, while the four emperors will also consume a lot, so as to achieve the effect of losing both sides, the navy can take advantage of it.

However, this is only one aspect. On the other hand, for Lufei, the reward of 1.5 billion yuan is still good. First of all, the goals of Luffy et al. are originally four emperors, so there is no fear of being criticized by the four emperors. The first was to provoke the aunt, and then to go back to Kaido, and the black beard had old grudges. The words of Shanks, both of Luffy’s mentor and Luffy’s opponent, were originally targeted by the four emperors. This reward amount has no effect in this respect.

Secondly, such a high bounty will only increase the reputation of Luffy. As a result, more people will form alliances with Luffy. Then, the power of Straw Hat Pirates will become greater and challenge the Four Emperors. Anything is not a thing.