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If you want to get a lot of talent, you have to go to the draft. These draft artists are transformed into actors.

Entertainment 2018-04-27 23:16:41 0

A glimpse of the domestic draft variety has gone through more than a decade of unconventional, eventually adding fresh blood for the singer, far less powerful than the contribution to the actor library. The downturn of the music scene has been changed overnight. With the booming of the film and television industry, it has become the best way out for the majority of people. If you have a bonus score, you have already won at the starting line.

There are also singers like Li Yuchun who perform the show. Acting is only part of the way for them to open up their career maps and embark on an ascendant star, but this is too little after all.

They performed to the front line


In 2007, Li Yifeng, who was debuted in the eighth place of “Come on! Good Man”, started as a singer and published two albums “Clover” and “Mr. Xiao”. However, from the beginning of 2009, the development of the recording industry is not as good as before. The sales volume of Mr. Xiao is not good. The company no longer helps him to produce records. Later, he transformed himself into an actor, but he has no idea what to accomplish. Li Yifeng once admitted that he had insomnia for a long time around 2011.

Until 2014, a raging fairy-tale drama "Gu Jian Qi Tan" caused "Su Su" Li Yifeng to turn over completely and become a popular chicken. Since then, the film has continued, the Internet drama "Tomb Notes," "Old Gun", "Psychocrimes," the TV series "Sparrow," "Qingyun Zhi," and so on, are regarded as a big production, that is, acting has been criticized. There is also an entrepreneurial drama "In New York" in hand this year. I wonder if the performance can be improved.


The same is the "good man", in 2007, the 18-year-old Jing Boan head national championship glory debut. After the match, Fu Simbo, who had competed together, formed a BoBo combination to sign Huayi and released the EP "Glory." But what really made Jing Boran shine was the debut movie “The Love of the City” in 2010. After that, his life entered the rhythm of departmental drama. In 2013, he ushered in the movie "Where the Wind Comes", the first time he ever played the men's game. In 2015, the movie "Catch the Devil" was released, which actually set a box office record. Then he starred in the movie "The Tomb of Notes" and "Smiling Allure" and so on, and the acting skills were plausible in the niche. The industry's reputation is also good.


Many people's initial impression of Yang Zixuan was Zheng Wei in "To Our Youth Who Will Die." But in fact, Yang Zizhen who has successfully joined the movie cafe is also a talented singer. In 2007, she won the national finals runner-up in the “Guru Fu Gao” and was accepted as the apprentice by Sun Nan. She also launched her debut album “The 18th Dance”. Three years later, she began to shift the career center from singing to acting, but it wasn't until 2013 that he became more interested. The "Return to 20-year-old" starring later also has a good box office. This year, she also partnered with Zhao Youting and starred in the film "Antarctic Love". There are also many television dramas, such as "Red Rose" at the beginning of the year and "Long time no see".

They also have great resources


Ou Hao is the runner-up runner-up in 2013, and is one of the more amazing talents in the draft. In the second year, he starred in the first TV drama “Singing and War”, and took a film “Temporary Cohabitation” with Zhang Jiahui and Zheng Xiuwen. The resources were just so good that they burst into tears. Later he successively starred in the movie "Left Ear", "Youth", "Calling Love in the Center of the World," "The Wukong Biography". Last year, he also pressed many popular niche students to play Ye Ting in the movie "The Founding of a Grand Army". After the romance with the popular red flower Ma Si was exposed, he also received a lot of blessings.


In 2007, the fast men's national sixth place, then the affinity and sunshine of the Yu Yueming was nicknamed "national younger brother" by the fans. After the game, he had a good chance and participated in the "Let's See the Meteor Shower Together". He played Duan Mulei who was the No. 2 man and got the chance to host every day. He released the album "Hug" created by the multinational team of China and South Korea. "I have a date with the Spring" ... but good luck also suspended here, accidental burns Yu Yuming's performance career stagnated for two years, when he returned again, he had more vicissitudes and tension, back to "every day" Looks out of place. Now his focus is to be an actor. Last year's grand drama, "The flower was full moon that year," made everyone see his potential.

Ma Tianyu

The 20-year-old Ma Tianyu participated in the "Good Men" in 2007 and won the championship of Wuhan Division and the sixth place in the country. In the same year, he released the first album "Yuguang Ten Colors." The title song "Dearness of the Death" was popular in the north and south. In 2008, the second album "Flying" was released. In 2010, he released "Self-Speaking", but in the end, he still found a bigger stage in the film and television industry. In 2014, together with Li Yifeng, the popularity of the fairy-tale drama “Gu Jian Tan” rose sharply again. In 2016 he appeared in "Fantasy City" and this year he starred in the police film "Heroic Character 2018" and the online drama "The Secret of the Three Kingdoms". The actor's road is also considered stable.


In 2006, he participated in the debut of Dragon TV's “I-I-I-Show” draft. In the same year, Yuan Cheng-Jie formed a combination of “Men and Women” and became famous on the Bund No. 18 song. Later, both of them tried their way out and started acting. Qi Wei's development is obviously better. She has participated in the "Beauty of the Mind" and "Beauty of the Impeccable Beauty" and starred in the TV series "Summer's Three Daughters" and "Love Wake up". She successfully became a popular actress, and she became an actress. Also recognized. This year she starred in the online drama "The Beijing Women's Book", which caused a lot of resonance.


In 2005, when she was debuted in the "My Show" show, she was originally a graduate of a film and television school. She immediately started an actor with good appearance conditions. In 2007, he starred in the first TV series, "Yi Ben Concentricity." In 2008, she starred in the "Eight Immortals" as a female one, and she played both Guo Jinan and Guo Yanni. Basically, the resources have been laid slowly. In these years, Jia Qing's drama has not been broken. In 2013, he starred in the new version of “Dragon Eight”, one of whom distributed Arjuna and Azi, and also starred in the Handong version. "Deer" plays Auntie. In 2015, Lin Lin updated and Yuner cooperated with “Feng Shen Zhao Zilong”. Last year, he partnered with Du Fu and starred in the “Violence Infantry Battalion”.


In 2007, Wei Chen, who was the third fastest in the “Fast Men” debut, continued to perform a lot of plays in the past years. What impresses me most is Ye Shuo in "Meteor Shower" and Qiao Ran in the youth film "The Year of the Rush." This year's action is not small, "Mysterious Romance" "Late Night Canteen," two large screen works to be, is said to have joined a military TV drama theme, challenge the role of the tough guy. The difference is that the singer Wei Chen has never given up, the album has been out, the music awards have been being taken, and the theme song and episode have also been sung for many film and television dramas.

Yu Wei

In 2013, one of the top ten men in the men's team was very successful. Although the results were not very bright during the draft, he developed better than most of the top ten people. After relying on the popular drama "Prince of the Prince" to surge in popularity, he was favored by the IP drama and starred in the fairy-tale drama "Three Life and Ten Peach Blossoms". He also starred in the costume fantasy drama "The Cloud of Xuanyuanjian". Wait.

They found a place

Chen Xiang

In the fast man of 2010, Chen Xiang, who is the fifth best player, should have developed the best. He had the title of "Little Lee Jun Ki". After winning a lot of singer awards, he had no suspense to be an actor. After starring in youth dramas such as Love and the Thousand Years and Tornado Maiden, last year she finally appeared in the online drama "Hunting Qinji" as the man's "Ci Shaolong."


Although many people's impression of Jiang Chao still stays on the Weibo's cry, but this year's top 13 fastest men, video resources are still quite good. In 2012, he participated in the movie "Little Times" directed by Guo Jingming and played in the fourth in one breath. In 2017, the youth idol drama "Fox's Summer" starring Tan Songyun also circled a lot with the image of the overbearing president.


Wang Chuanjun, who was known to the audience by the “Guangu Wonder” in the “Love Apartment” series, was also a player who came out of the “Good Men” in 2007. He graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy, and he focused on the actor status after the game. The success of “Love Apartment” also brought him a lot of performance opportunities. Later, “Love came back”, “Love started with confession” and “The Medical Museum Laughing Biography” played many different interpretations. Role, but the response is not as strong as Love Apartment.


In 2004, Zhang Yinyun, who was only 15 years old, took the first class of “Super Girl” to get a ride. She would not sing her with a pure and sweet image and “protected” into the finals. This is a well-deserved popular star. Sweet and sour is me. Almost everyone can sing.

But the good times were not long. Due to the poor management of the company, Zhang Yunyun’s development plan was shelved and it almost disappeared in the eyes of everyone. After being “unemployed”, Zhang Hanyun had been a host and had gone to the draft show “returning to the stove,” but they all had a mediocre response. In 2016, the "Lanling Princess", who starred in the lead, boarded the "Nanjia" Hunan Satellite TV, and was considered to have returned a breath, but there was still a long way from the scenery.

Yang Feiyang

When she joined the fast girl in 2009, she also called Yang Yang. Good image, good vocal performance, there are a group of loyal male fans. However, after the game, she gave up music directly and fought for the film and television. Because she was the same name as Yang Yang, a popular niche student, she changed her name to Yang Feiyang. After many years of not being seen, in the "Negotiator" at the beginning of this year, she starred in the No. 2 Zhao Chenyu. I do not know whether you recognized it or not.


Tintin, who participated in an overwhelming number of talents, finally became popular in the first quarter of "China Good Voice," and made one of Yang Kun's four gold seats. As a value performer in the program, she is also one of the few singers in "Good Voice" who is acting in transition. Participated in "The Mother's Three Kingdoms Era" and the movie "Graduation Works" starring Zhang Yishan was also released this month.

They are more active in online drama


In 2007, he was the seventh fastest boy in the country and the youngest one of the top ten. After the game, Wang Yuxin, who signed up for Tiandian Entertainment, has never had a big fire. Since releasing his first album in 2008, he has been blank for four full years. The company told him that making music now can't make money, you still go to acting. Wang Yuxin, who only wanted to sing, struggled for a long time and eventually compromised. Nowadays, he often appears as a supporting role or guest in online dramas, such as "The Best of Us" and "The Ghost Blowing the Light of Makino."

Chen Bing

Compared with other singers born in the draft, the vocals are more rigorous in their "good voice" and there are fewer actors in the delivery. In addition to the first season of Tintin, Chen Bing, known as the face value of the third season, also joined the actor team. In 2016, the electric shock took place as a woman in the film “Overall Out of Control.” Now she is more active in online dramas, such as “The Forensics” and “Judges”.


In 2011, she made her debut as the eighth fastest female country in the country, but also belongs to the category where people can't sing very much. The next year, partner Zhang Zhilin starred in the movie "Uncle, I Love You." However, the later works were not particularly audible, and they were mainly used in online dramas or in some small-cost films, such as the online drama "Happy ELIFE", the movie "Fantasy Year", "Peng You Die Meng" and "Girls in Fish".


In 2005, the top five super girl Li Na, she walked in the neutral wind, she has an advantage in appearance. More than two years have appeared in online movies and television dramas, such as the online drama "Little Wild Flower Shop" and the online movie "The Secret of a Force Majestic Servant".

Martial Arts

In 2010, the men's martial arts of the third-year fastest-changing martial arts was good, participating in the "Sleeping for a Thousand Years of the Tomb Girlfriend" and starring in "Dangerous Friends", both of which are online movies.