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Jump into the second world! The ideal vs. realistic "camera stem" in those anime

Anime 2018-04-26 23:30:03 0

At the junction between the second and the third dimension, the "ideal and reality" series will always be the best match (laughing ~ actual implementation is really overwhelming www but jumped into the second world!! In those animations, "ideal vs realistic" Taking a photo of a terrier is also a great way for people to eat rice (๑ ́ᄇ` ๑)

Dream of the dream! (Fantasy Celebration!) The Fourth Word One of the Scenes, Hm... The Year of the Good Sunshine ww

It was originally taken like this...

Hey, men's powerhouses add electric eyes~

Look down...it's like this

This stalk also appears in "Devil × Servant SS"

Wah-wow, it's a wonderful scene~

The reality is like this... (Ma Ma, there's a weird uncle!

Therapist Angel twin dreams ideal dream

Actually this is... The fan is a good prop, really!

The camera stalks in those animations are more and more widely used in the second and third dimension. It really makes people laugh and laugh.