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Vegetarian? This Supreme Master cannot be vegetarian!

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According to a report by China Anti-cult Network on March 2th, “Love the Vegetarian Chain Store Behind the Scenes of the Cult Leader Reveals the Sea,” on January 11, 2018, a number of media such as the Australian News Network reported that the world’s fastest growing The Loving Hut Vegetarian Chain Store was actually founded by the cult leader Guanyin. The report pointed out that the release of Supreme Master Ching Hai by Supreme Master Ching Hai, who claimed to be the “person of heavenly election,” advocated “across the past in the past.” In fact, there were many scandals engulfing the country, in addition to being involved in political political scandals in the US political arena. It has also been investigated by law enforcement agencies in Taiwan and the United States for illegal acts. It seems that the fraudsters will be eventually seen by people.

"The Supreme Master Ching Hai" - the woman behind the "Love House" vegetarian chain

Explaining that the sea is under the guise of "vegetarian environmental protection," the country is cheating on the world, recruiting believers, and gathering money. This "Vegetarian" Supreme Master does not mean "vegetarian," but is a sinner in money. She sees money, greed, and desire. The swallow swallows gold silver "carnivorous animals". Explaining the sea’s means of enrichment is superb and diverse.

Brighton's vegetarian restaurant in Brighton, United Kingdom

One is to directly receive the “dedication” of the believer. Shi Qinghai claimed that he was chosen by the heavens and deceived the faithful to offer her. The “Guanyin Method” opened bank accounts in various places for believers to “contribute” directly. In 1993, only the Los Angeles branch entered an account of US$395,518. After the release of the Qinghai Sea, he defrauded a huge amount of money. However, he confessed to others that "she does not accept any donation, we can't send her a gift," but it really "does not only have to be blind but also have a tree arch." "Qing Supreme Master Ching Hai" also signs a free professor's meditation class. The purpose is to exchange genuine fake donations for free. Dong Shujie, a retired employee of the Yubei District Medical Station in Baicheng City, Jilin Province, joined the “Guanyin Method” in June 2005. From 2006 to 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai “given” 27,000 yuan to Supreme Master Ching Hai. The most people are said to "dedicate" more than one million yuan. This "vegetarian queen" is a bloody mouth!

Shi Qinghai claimed to be chosen by heaven

The second is to use the "need for cultivation" to collect money. Shih Ching Hai said that her "Guanyin Method" is a practice of buddha and he is a self-cultivation of Buddha in the silent harmony of light and sound. Through meditation and practice, introspective anti-light, to achieve "immediate enlightenment, liberation of the first." In practice, we cannot always rely on nothing. The interpretation of the sea allows believers to buy her “guidance data” for cultivation. Books, pamphlets, portraits of masters, audiovisual products, price, of course, are “reasonable” to believers, to believers. It is "bearing pain." The cultivation of the “Guanyin Method” has won the “Zhuoxin” affair and the issuing of the “Zhongxin” certificate has given the “cost fee”. However, this “cost” is too “fee” and it is not an outsider’s path. Insiders broke the news and the CD for publicizing the release of Ching Hai "is sold to people interested in the organization for only $10, but it sells to internal members $28 or even $30." Cai Hong, from Longwen District, Zhangzhou City, purchased portraits of Shi Qinghai and a large number of “vegetarian earth-saving” wall charts, books, and audio-visual products. He actually spent 560,000 yuan. It is not hard to imagine that the money eventually fell into the pocket of Supreme Master.

"The Supreme Master Ching Hai" promised to the new immigrants in San Jose "immediate enlightenment, liberation of the first world"

The third is to use the so-called “business” to make money”. The “Guanyin Method” is based on the so-called “vegetarian saves the earth” environmental protection activities. It has established Loving Hut, Eden Online Shopping Mall, Celestial Shop, and Tianyi Tianshi Flagship Store. Such as business education, crazy to expand the organization, amass money illegal activities. These "business" activities earned money for Master; they lost their lives. The researchers pointed out that "Although Qinghai advocates that people only need Avenue in this world, she also admits that she sells the peripheral products of the Guanyin Method to finance her global organization." Funding organizations essentially fund her own. The release of Qinghai's liar also claimed that the objects he had blessed were "falsity objects," both of which helped to practise the upper levels and eventually became Buddhas. The interpretation of the Qinghai Sea through the organization of religious believers "meditation", the sale of souvenirs and other means to make money. She called her custom-made ordinary clothes “Tianyi”, starting at 50,000 yuan each; a mobile phone strap with her photographs was priced at 1,000 yuan; an ordinary cotton casual trousers was priced at 1,280 yuan; and jewellery “day ornaments”. Starting from 10,000 yuan. In the five days of a meditation “Legal Conference” in Taiwan in 2007, nearly NT$100 million was easily dropped into the pocket of Shi Qinghai.

"Home International Dining" Advertising

"Guanyin Method" website peddling "Tianshi" (small accessories)

The release of Qinghai claimed that she had led the believer to "repair the Buddha." But she had no Buddha flavor on her body. Instead, she emitted a splendid copper smell. So greedy, such as tiger wolf, how can there be a little "vegan" shadow? !