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Luxury Cabin Smart Wisdom Changan New CS75 Beijing First

Car 2018-04-13 20:00:49 170

Changan Automobile is a representative of the strength and quality of its own brand. Today, the Changan CS75, the “National Shenqi”, entered a new breakthrough on the occasion of the four-year-old listing, and launched the Changan New CS75 in mid-term reorganization. On April 12th, it debuted at the Beijing Media Tasting. The new CS75 not only brings new interior and exterior design, but also has been upgraded in all directions in terms of cabin, power, and intelligent control. Let's take a look at the bright changes in the new CS75

Outside the crowd, both inside and out, taking the lead

The luxuriously upgraded cabin is the first known highlight of the new CS75. The interior of the vehicle has been redesigned, adopting the latest family style, and giving a rich sense of level and detail to give a spatial sense of three-dimensionality and a sense of science and technology to create an artistic conception of "landscapes and mountains" in Chinese classical culture. To open the sense of space, look at the independent brand SUV, this texture is superior. The car is equipped with four flat-bottomed steering wheels, which are delicate and delicate.

Before and after the control, the integrated piano touch panel is used to integrate the sense of technology and luxury. In the dashboard, the central control box, front and rear doors and other details with 7 atmosphere lights, with 7 colors can be adjusted. The seats use single and double stitches alternately, showing a taste between the squares. The new CS75 is a new design for the interior CTF, providing the technology black and light brown two sets of interior styles and colors to meet the preferences of different car owners, custom luxury starting from the interior.

The appearance of the new CS75 uses a new design style, the overall line in addition to keeping the CS75 series resolute tough domineering, while adding an elegant and smooth style. The redesigned horizontal mouth through grille with a large mouth merges into the oriental aesthetic design concept. The four-platinum chrome-plated mid-grid design is more refreshing and concise, and it integrates perfectly with the vehicle. Compared with the Xenon light source of the current models, the standard LED headlights of the whole series have better lighting effects and longer lifespan. In combination with the penetrating LED tail lights, the new CS75 creates a stylish feeling that surpasses other models while creating stunning visual effects.

China's Zhi Zhi, enjoys driving and demonstrates brand strength

Innovation ability comes from strength. The new CS75 is an all-star work created by Changan’s global R&D system. A new generation of medium-distance millimeter-wave radar MRR evo14 from Bosch is applied to detect the risk of forward collisions at all times, and intelligent early-warning is provided. It is equipped with triple functions such as distance warning, front collision warning, and collision mitigation, which can be avoided through alarms and auxiliary brakes. Reduce collision accidents. The 6-seat airbags provided in the entire vehicle can also provide maximum safety protection for passengers in the event of accidents and ensure the safety of people in the vehicle. Based on Delphi's latest SRR3 radar development, multi-directional surveillance covers the visual blind spot and the rear area, realizing new functions such as rear-end collision warning, occupant opening collision warning, etc., discovering quickly approaching vehicles in the side rear sight blind zone, and prompting early warning, can be effective Reduce the risk of accidents and make driving safer.

The newly-created new CS75 uses the 4G-TBOX provided by France Valeo to provide a full-time network for vehicles, and 4G upgrades from 2G. The smart Internet experience is more convenient and powerful. Voice interaction just needs to say "Xiao An, hello" to wake up the voice system and make the interaction more smooth. Online search for airline tickets, train tickets, stocks, weather, and more. With voice elf function, it can interact globally and guide users to use voice... Smart max is like “steel giant” and reflects the excellent strength of Chang’an Auto in China’s intellectual creation.

Transcendental Power, Myths of Explosive Upgrade & Reengineering Market

As a model for the compact SUV market, the Changan CS75 has only sold 700,000 units for only four years and has created sales of 39,064 units per month. On April 12, the fully upgraded new CS75 officially unveiled and attracted attention. Its power configuration was praised by fans. The new CS75 is equipped with Changan's independently researched and developed Chinese core, the new blue whale 1.5TGDI direct-injection turbocharged engine. Its power performance has been increased to a maximum power of 131kW and a peak torque of 265N·m, matching the third-generation Aisin 6-speed tiptronic gearbox. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 6.5L. At the same time, the engine uses No. 92 gasoline, and the whole system is equipped with intelligent start-stop and three driving modes as standard.

Since its launch in 2014, the CS75 series has witnessed the growth of self-owned brand SUVs. With solid product strength and continuous innovation, it has been well received by the market. The new CS75 has made its debut in the industry's benchmark attitude in innovation. There is no doubt that TA will Once again detonated the self-branded SUV market, who and the battle, waiting for the new CS75!