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The new bell will debut at Yantai Motor Show! 2018 Yantai Spring Festival Auto Show opens tomorrow!

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So happy!

Tomorrow you can go to the International Expo Center to visit the auto show!

2018 Yantai Spring Auto Show will be

April 12-16 at the grand opening of the Yantai International Expo Center!

In addition to the "Let's take a helicopter" look at the auto show

Xiaobian wants to tell everyone

Go to the auto show can also see new! Edited! bell!

It's what it is

everybody knows

The history of chimes has a long history

Carrying Chinese culture

The new bell is a representative achievement of using the modern technology to perfectly blend traditional culture with the splendid Chinese civilization of the bell of the Zeng Houyi of more than 2,400 years ago.

New bell features?

1. Solved the problems of pitch, timbre, strength, and rhythm of traditional chimes.

2. The chime will adopt the international concert pitch standard and the twelve average law for pitch design and pitch adjustment. In particular, through the use of computer analysis and integrated control technology, each bell will be scientifically configured with a bell and press Instruction to play.

3. It reduces the threshold that the chime can only be played by professionals. The conventional chime is changed into a universal keyboard as the interface by multiple players playing the hand and tapping, making the piano and keyboard players perform as one. Ordinary musical instruments played and can accurately express musical performances.

4. According to different application occasions, the new bell has two types: fixed stage display and mobile mobile tour.

5, the new bell can use manual keyboard performance and automatic control performance in two ways.

The new bell development and transformation project for scientific and technological achievements was awarded the 2017 National Cultural Innovation Project by the Ministry of Culture, and the new bell project was listed as one of the key points for the work of the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture in 2017.

At this auto show, the public can “get a glimpse of the new bell” at the scene!

The new bell was successfully developed by Yantai Haote Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., Wuhan Conservatory of Music, and the Hubei Provincial Museum. It spent more than 23 million yuan on R&D for 6 years. Yantai Haote Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. currently has eight new bells, utility models, and one invention patent technology. It has the new intellectual property rights of the bell and is currently the only company that can produce new bells in China.

In addition to the new bell

You are certainly interested in these!

Car Show Helicopter Takes You to Explore Yantai Views

The auto show, the auto show and the People's Insurance of China will fully cooperate with each other and the helicopter will be airborne for the first time at the Yantai Motor Show.On the same day of the April 12 auto show, as long as purchase. Strong> Citizens of auto show tickets will have the opportunity to experience free helicopter rides.

Spring show motor yachts

The yacht is designed to deliver a new high-end lifestyle. At this year's auto show, Shandong Haisheng Ship Co., Ltd. will join hands with yachts to debut. Members of the public can visit the D12 booth on the fourth floor of the Expo Center.

Hundreds of Car Brands Leverage Millions of Offers to Advertise

More than a hundred brands exhibited in this auto show. Manufacturers and distributors are making profit promotions, and hundreds of millions of buyers are benefiting. They have larger scale, more brands, more luxurious exhibition equipment, and more thoughtful services. This year's auto show has more concessions than previous auto shows. All kinds of new models and new policies will allow citizens to have more choices when choosing a car to buy a car. This will allow you to have a one-stop view of all brands. Choose your favorite car.

The global auto giant dressage new cars and luxury cars have come on stage

Apart from the well-known auto brands, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Lincoln, Infiniti and other high-end brands also participated in the show, and Bentley, Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Alfa, Maserati, Maybach and other ultra-luxury brands unveiled. 2018 Yantai Spring Auto Show, a luxury giants feast will soon be unveiled.

The RV gathers to debut at the Spring Auto Show

The RV has always been a fascinating sight at the auto show. With the increase in the number of second-born families, RVs have brought a lot of convenience to travel, and they have gradually entered the Yantai citizens' purchase plans. It is understood that this year's auto show has an exclusive RV exhibition area. The Starcraft B Mercedes-Benz imported Spencer, V-class small RV, domestic Mercedes-Benz V-class high-top RV, imported Volkswagen high top T6, Royal One, Mercedes-Benz 24H , Lingyun Iveco C-type RV, Lingyun JAC B-type RVs, etc. to come to the exhibition, to provide a space for choice for families who pay attention to travel comfort experience. A brave and romantic journey is not far away. How can you take your family and travel far away from the stress of the city? Of course it is the RV!

New Technology New Energy Vehicle Assemblage Used Car Booth Free Assessment

The auto show organizing committee will expand the service scope of the auto show and will also open new energy auto zones and used car zones on the spot.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Pure Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles... 2018 Yantai Spring Auto Show will build a new energy automobile area with heavy weight, and will provide new energy vehicles of various brands for public purchase.

The professionals in the used car exhibition area provide professionals with free assessment, financial loans, used car sales and other services to make it easier and more convenient for the public to purchase used cars.

Auto show booking has a chance to get

Value 5,000 car decorating gift package

At the auto show site, have the opportunity to get a 5,000 yuan car decorating gift package.People who want to buy a car should never miss it! After setting up a car, the public needs to obtain a car contract and a receipt to the Concierge of the Hall.

Car Show Live Events

In order to enrich the auto show culture, the organizing committee and the major media have planned a variety of exciting activities on the site. They are “Outside model catwalk show”, “Car show spokesperson”, “Football baby selection contest”, “New song competition”, “King of the glory contest”, “The best friend”. "Container Library," "Super Model Contest," "Children's Model Contest," "Fitness Talent," and other major events have appeared in succession, adding a bright spot for the Spring Auto Show.

In addition, in order to maintain the automobile circulation industry order and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Yantai City Commercial Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment will organize the "Auto Sales Management Measures" popularization campaign during the Yantai Spring Auto Show, and expects the participation of the general public on the spot.

Gourmet Festival enters auto show, exciting activities continue

At this auto show, citizens can taste local food while watching cars and buying cars. The 2018 Spring Auto Show Food Festival, sponsored by Yantai Xingyi Media Co., Ltd., entered the auto show. The food street, “Internet Red Private Food,” was a large collection. There were hot green tea, desserts, glutinous rice, and sago sauce. Double skin milk, rainbow cake, spicy seafood, chicken soup, etc., as well as the most primitive and delicious folk food.

What are you waiting for!

The next five days

Together oh!