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Night reading | young, is tossing

Story 2018-04-07 00:57:57 13

Friends left Beijing. Every time I leave, I will never see you again. However, the time itself is unpredictable. Who can confirm that today's departure will not be the last sight? The friend said that she wanted a dull life, a girl herself, and she didn't want to bear the pressure of buying a car in Beijing, and she didn't want to cry when she worked overtime and spent some time in the dead of night.

I nodded. You are not her and cannot make decisions for her. But I know very well that a few years ago she was not like this.

When we first met, she was a beautiful editor and the picture was very beautiful. She has just graduated from the university and is determined to fight in Beijing. I have seen her weeping in the dead of night, and she has seen her work overtime on the moon. She used her free time and reported an English class.

However, at this time, the parents urged marriage and said that she was 26 years old. In the local area, it is the golden age at which we should marry and have children. What is it in Beijing? She struggles every day and I don't know when her own efforts turned into a beggar in the eyes of her parents.

But in the relatively inclusive city of Beijing, everyone does not discuss because one person is not married. Gradually, the mother began to erupt, she kept telling her daughter: nothing is true, what a woman wants, a family with a child is the most important.

In fact, a single word is true, and a lot of the young people who are struggling are discarded. The dull and stable stability of the elders is true, not false, because they have worked hard for the rest of their lives, and afterwards, only when they look back on the past do they feel that nothing is true. But whether they thought that their children had just come out of school, they hadn’t started fighting yet, and they remembered nothing. The so-called dull, but mediocre.

Finally, she chose the so-called bland. She quit her job and accepted the position of a local civil servant appointed by her mother. Then, the mother arranged for her to meet. She met several times, and then the mother hurriedly urged her to marry. She has become less and less connected with us. After all, the road is different. If everyone is busy, it will be light.

Interestingly, she returned to Beijing a few months later. Before she got on the plane, she called me and asked me to pick her up. I thought she was coming to play. She did not expect that she took the bag and took off the plane. Only later did she know that she had fled the marriage and resigned. She came to the big city alone. She said with a smile, youth is tossing and fighting, I do not want to be flat. I sent her to the house she had rented for a long time. In Beijing's night, all of a sudden the United States could not open its eyes.

No matter how difficult life is, always insist on it. After insisting on it, talk about dullness and stability. After all, plainness is an indifferent after the events of the world. If you haven't seen the world yet, you want to hide in the mountains. In the end, it will only be a frog.

I keep exercising and I rarely have problems with my body. It was only one night and suddenly I couldn't stand the toothache. The next day I went to the hospital to see a doctor. When I walked into the hospital, almost everyone had pain in their faces. Everyone's expression was very sad. The doctor said that my teeth were broken before I was busy. I was not busy watching the work, and then the acute inflammation became worse. When the hospital lined up, there were old people around, and I was alone and young.

In fact, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. The only thing that can be done is to live well today, to greet tomorrow with the best attitude. Young, it is tossing.

Suddenly I understood how many young people were destroyed by the phrase "less plain." When the candle is burned out, it is only qualified to sigh where the light that once shined has lighted; when the moth is on fire, it is not worthwhile to discuss the value of the dream.

We are all the same, young and early to choose those so-called stable and plain, perhaps just mediocre. If you can, I don't want to finish my life in this way. Or perhaps, when we struggle for a lifetime, when we have white hair and sit on the park bench with our loved ones, we can look at each other, look back and say lazily that a mediocre life is really good.

Will such a life make more sense?

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