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Girl Yan, first love face, Qi Liuhai, and his son smile the same paragraph, Chen Linong's mother called her sister

Entertainment 2018-04-06 22:45:09 17

"Idol trainee" finals simply turned into a parent meeting. Fan Yan's parents came and Chen Linong's mother came.

As the boss of Chen Linong, today, the black Chen Jianzhou released a photo with Chen Linmong on the Internet and said that she had arrived in Beijing to cheer for Chen Linon.

But when the photo was released, it exploded on the Internet.

This Chen Liongong's mother is too young, girl's face, girl Yan, Chen Linong female fans were originally prepared to call her mother, but see Chen Ma's sweet appearance, which dare to sing.

In the photo, Chen's mother is wearing a black coat and her hair is fluttering. Liu Hai is a young girl Liu Hai. It looks really young, and my older sister is still talking about the past.

For a long time, many people liked Chen Liongong's innocent smile. The eye that smiled and blew on the eyebrows was really lovable. It was because of this harmless face of humans and animals that was turned into a first love face by fans.

Today, when I saw Chen Linong’s mother, we realized that it was originally a genetic mother. You see, the two people are super-looking and even the smiles are the same.

Full body photo is full of girls, Chen is still relatively slim body, coupled with the dress is very stylish, it seems very temperament, temperament-type beautiful girl no doubt.

Her mother is so young and her smile is so infectious. No wonder Chen Linong is so popular. He also hopes Chen Liong will have good luck and cheer for him.