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One of the worst-born females in the animation added one person. The grandfather sold this episode. Most people cannot read it.

Anime 2018-04-06 22:56:30 0

The fresh sound to the cool bones is the greatest feeling this animation gives me. In that kind of summer sky, we listened to the quiet and peaceful sound of the cymbals, and they met in this animation for a long time. I am very keen to follow this kind of animation that presents life with a sense of elegance, such as the love of Natsume's friends account. I was pleasantly surprised to find this simple and similar animation.

The name was "Monster Hotel Business" and when I saw the title, I thought it might be like a cheerful animation like "Dungry Restaurant." Once I entered it, I was attracted.

Along the path of cherry blossoms dancing under the breeze, the line of sight began with Ms. Kwai going to school. Under the dynamics of peace and tranquility, Ms. Kwai’s self-representation differed from the special abilities of the average person. Like Natsume Natsume, she could see something different when she was young – The monster, because she could see the strange existence, was abandoned by her family from her childhood. Her birth was even worse than that of Xiamu. Natsume encountered the feeling that the tower’s aunt had found a home, and when Kwai was a child, relatives were reluctant to receive her. Shi Lang alone is willing to take care of her.

Shi Lang told Kwai that the monster eats because he is hungry. He teaches Xiao Kui that he must learn how to cook well. The person who can see the monster has higher spiritual power than ordinary people. It is a fatal temptation for monsters.

But Kwai is indeed very unlucky. The money left by his grandfather's death is only enough to keep her hungry. He also likes to deal with cute little monsters. Here is a fragment of a very warm, cute little monsters like flesh ball fluttering around Kwai to discuss things to eat, and will install poor little monsters, adorable.

Before long, Kwai met the god of the god of heaven, sitting on the side of the road with a dog mask and saying that he was hungry. The ghost may be trying to test whether Xiaokui has a good heart, perhaps simply to capture Xiaokui's hidden world where the monster is located. No matter what kind, Xiaokui gave his own lunch, and in the second When the sky passed by, it was found that the god had left a lunch box with a floral ornament as a thank-you gift.

Generally girls are very beautiful, Xiaokui is also very happy to pick up flowers, the results of the move was taken to the hidden world, wake up to face a group of monsters, somehow be ghosts asked to be their own bride.

Xiaokui responded like most people. He opened the door and fled to the corridor. Then he found himself in a huge high-rise, where he not only had lantern boats flying in the sky, but even the house was not like in the human world. This was told by the ghosts who followed him. She was in the hidden world where the monsters were.

Also, the ghost asked him to be his bride. Xiaokui was surprised when he asked the reason. His grandfather Shi Lang was eating and drinking at Tianshenwu one day and owed huge sums of money about RMB 100 million without money. Say that the granddaughter was used as a bride of Tenjin.

Is Shi Lang an irresponsible person or a debtor with no money? We will not talk about this first. Looking at Xiaokui’s choices in this case, if the ghosts and gods look so handsome and gentle in accordance with the perspective of the girls, it is a good choice for Tian Shenwu to marry him. .

But Xiaokui refused. She chose to work to make money to make up for the money. My understanding of Xiaokui's idea is that the worse the situation is, the more people there are to live in and the things to stick to, but her experience in finding a job can be described as Extremely bad, there is almost no place for her to work, and occasionally came to the legendary place called "Ghost Gate in the Ghost," which is where the bad luck is extreme.

Fortunately, the person she met was the second house of the god of the gods, the nine-tailed fox silver time of the ghost's younger brother. The nine-tailed fox was very concerned about Xiao Kui. He was worried not only that his mask looked scared to Xiao Kui, but also he was very prepared. The food was given to the small sunflower. The road to perfection, Xiaokui just used his only cooking skills, let the silver greatly admired, this decided to open a small restaurant in places where things are not smooth.

The story of the first episode is over. Then return to the previous question. Why did Shi Lang deliberately owed a sum of money to take out his granddaughter? Not thinking about it may be simply a grandfather granddaughter, but if you think a little, it's not hard to understand that Shi Lang knows that he is a mortal and cannot always take care of Xiaokui, while Xiaokui’s spiritual power is high. Afterwards, the monster will be spotted. If he does not arrange a posterior path for Xiaokui, the future of Xiaokui will be conceived. Then he deliberately owes the debt of the God of the Ten Thousand House to give Xiaokui to the ghosts in the monster. .

Still quite touched, hotel-type animations such as "Flower Iroha" and "This Kant Pavilion" are all found in the elegant life of the glittering and moving everyday. The introduction of monsters cannot but be reminiscent of the "Natsume friends account" and "The Ghost of the Sneaky Ghost". This animation is not simply about the love of Kwai and the Ghosts. According to my experience, it may happen. The introduction of the "Magical Bridal Bride" as a setting for the existence of evil demon monsters, sublimated love and daily beauty in setbacks and struggles. Generally speaking, the elements are rich.

However, the birth of Xiaokui is really miserable. It is obviously the direction of healing. Why do injured people know how to take care of others? Maybe it was deeply moved, but I don't want people to suffer the same injuries. Regarding the grandfather's plot to sell granddaughter, it is the setting of contrast, Grandpa Shiro is still a very friendly person.