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Zhang Han Zheng Shuang after breaking up and cooperating with the new drama, cool Dad responded with good rumors, I wonder if Nazar would think?

Entertainment 2018-03-31 19:12:39 0

It's normal for the entertainment of the entertainment division, but there are always couples of couples, and no matter if they break up or love again, they can always go with the former. Recently, the heat of Zheng Shuang seems to stay high again. It really is a woman with her own hot search function. Someone has sunk the stills of the TV dramas that Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang co-produced before. The intimacy between the two is itself the biggest hot spot. It!

At the time of Christmas last year, Zhang Han and Gulinaza published the news of the two men breaking up in October on Christmas Day. This statement came out, and Weibo’s hot search momentarily burst. Zhang Han, Naza, Zheng Shuang Qi Qi boarded the hot search.

In fact, Zhang Han and Naza were still somewhat surprised. After all, they all heard that they had to get married. During the time of falling in love, they were photographed two times with sweet images, feeling that the three years of feelings had become stable, and suddenly they broke up because of work.

Of course, after the break-up news was revealed, various rumors about Zhang Han Zheng Shuang’s compound came one after another. After all, Chu Yuchao and Murong Yunhai had become the model couples that many people admired, and they also carried many youth memories.

Although Zhang Han chose Naza after the breakup, Zheng Shuang chose Hu Yanbin. Unfortunately, these two people's feelings have not been completed. Is it hopeful to be single now?

Some netizens once asked whether Zheng Shuang's father would agree with Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han. I thought Shuang Da would strongly disagree, but Shuang Da's answer was unexpected!

Cool dad responded to 12 words: "As long as the shell is happy, I'm not much involved!" Feeling cool dad is also quite enlightened, even if the two cool dad will not do more blocking, there are friends that since the cool dad are such a position It seems that there is still a play between the two.

In addition to the netizens' concern as to whether the two will be compounded, Zhang Han was exposed after breaking up with Nazar.

The screenshot shows Zhang Han likes the news that Zheng Shuang took a stand-in for a hot pot, or maybe Zhang Han is still watching Zheng Shuang silently? After the breakup, Zhang Han has rarely mentioned Zheng Shuang. Even if he is inevitably asked, he praises the other person as a good girl.

Zhang Han said: I am frank with this feeling, if not magnanimous, two people can not walk together for five years. It can be seen that the love of the two men used genuine hearts.

Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang in the stills continued the plot of "Ghosts Are Never Gone," and they looked full of affection, and they were very embarrassed. The sentiment between them was not like a performance!

The two people are very happy and smiling. Then you are so close. Don't you know what happened to Gulinaza? A lot of netizens said "This is awkward!" After all, these three people are bound together!

Another news that pleased the fans who are looking forward to the combination of the two is that Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang who broke up for many years even met again in a youth drama. This drama is called "Love of Dandelion."

Fear of misinformation, he went to Baidu to take a look at this drama. The leadwriter wrote the name of Zhang Han Zheng Shuang. The film crew confirmed the shooting. It is reported that this year will be released. This should be Zhang Han Zheng Shuang. After the first cooperation of new drama.

Having said so much, even though she was too much like some fans, she was very sorry for the separation of Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang. However, the reason is very difficult to tell clearly. The shoes are not suitable. Only they know. I believe they are both hopeful. The other party is better.

After watching so much, do you want Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang to compound?