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Bathing in the play, Fan Bingbing's expression is uncomfortable, Liu Yifei's eyes are empty, Zhao Liying has the happiest!

Entertainment 2018-03-28 19:39:25 198

There are many ways to fight in the entertainment industry, but many female stars are the first to act as actors. As for the reasons, I believe many people already know. When celebrities film and television works, in fact, many of the plots are derived from life, in order to take the actor well this way, in addition to their own need to have acting skills, the sense of daily life is indispensable. For the scenes in the drama, many actresses will face the scenes. Fan Bingbing expressed her discomfort when she was bathing in the play. Liu Yifei’s eyes were empty but Zhao Liying was very happy.

Bathing in the play, Liu Yifei's profound scenes are memorable. In the "Fairy of the Legend of Swordsman", he was smashed by Hu Ge while bathing. This period of opera was also edited by Hu Ge's song "The Rain in June". Mv. Many 90-year-olds watched Liu Yifei grow up and witnessed the growth of Liu Yifei's acting skills. For the bathing in the play, Liu Yifei did a more rigorous job. He could barely see wear and tear, and he had very empty eyes in his expression, which was in line with the character's mood and temperament at that time.

"Painted Skin 2" Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun, one of a demon bare exposed body in the water for the skin shocked and fragrant.

In the "Green Snake", Maggie Cheung and Joey Wang, the two people's fragrant shots in the water are very classic.

Many female stars will have experience of bathing in the drama, and these scenes will also be focused by netizens. After the red 90 female actress Guan Xiaoyi also had such experience. Although the shot of Guan Xiaoyu was considered by the netizens as a gang shot in the above picture, the beauty and acting skills of Guan Xiaoyu are praised.

"The White Haired Witch Story" Lin Ching-hsia, half-naked clothes, such Lin Qingxia is very amazing, but also very classic.

Wang Zuxian and Maggie Cheung can be counted as one of the best actresses in the entertainment industry. It is difficult for someone to surpass them. Whether it is now or in the future, the two are together in the bubble bath.

Fan Bing Bing is well-known for his high price. Of course, this is also inseparable from Fan Ye's acting skills and strength. A bathing show, Fan Bingbing's uncomfortable appearance, is indeed very beautiful and makes people feel bad.

"Gu Jian Qi Tan" clear snow bathed in the stills of the river, Yang Mi Xiao Lu Xiang shoulders, covering the body of tulle, bright moonlight full of bumpy graceful body.


The pure "toutou" is on the other side of the costume. Makeup is also very attractive.

The "One Thousand-Year-Queen" artist Zhao Liying also had dramas in the play. The Zhao Liying in the water like the hibiscus was beautiful and moving. Unlike other female celebrities, she was very enjoyable to bathe Zhao Liying and she was very happy to play. Dew smiles. Although bathing is a small scene, it also requires acting to support it.

Jiang Yiyan

Jiang Yiyan not only wanted to fight fiercely, but also played beautifully, so the director set up a scene of martial arts in the bath. Jiang Yiyan had to fight against Muduron when he was unprepared for bathing. Of course, he must have exposed a smooth one. Back!

Zhang Tianai and Yan Yishu

Remember the four quiet and beautiful women in Prince Edward's promotion to Prince Zhang and the melon seeds? At the beginning, a lot of people watched the TV show because of this promotion. It can be seen that this dirty and beautiful picture shows the man seeing the two beautiful women bathing and the woman seeing the satisfaction of his own rot woman.

Xu Qing and Yin Tao "The Imperial Grain Hutong No. 19"

Xu Qing was famous in the “Supreme Detective on the 19th of the Royal Grain Hutong” where he appeared in a barrel bathing show where Feng Xueyan and Feng Zicheng were together. The picture was a little awkward and looming even more adrenaline. .

Zhang Ziyi: Xiaoli Li, played by Zhang Ziyi in the “Memoirs of a Geisha” film, smiles, pure, elegant, and charming, but also allows the audience to understand the real life status of the Japanese geisha in the past.

Yin Tao and Shi Xiaoqun "Mysterious History of Yang Guixi"

In the stills of “The Secret History of Yang Guixi”, Hua Qing Chi “Fragrance Comes Out of the Mirror” Yin Tao’s version of Yang Gui’e and Shi Xiaoqun’s Xie Aman bathed in the pool and was intoxicating.

Yuan Yu also had a bathing show, but when she saw Yuan Xi's bathing scene, netizens all laughed. Hey, isn't this a tomato flower soup?