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The most cost-effective iPad release in history, with stylus support, starting at 2388 yuan minimum!

Digital 2018-03-28 00:26:08 8342

In the early morning of March 28, 2018, Apple introduced a new iPad supporting Apple Pencil at this year's first new product launch. The price is US$329.

Its shape is similar to the 9.7-inch version of iPad Pro, which is not much different than before. In terms of body configuration, the new 9.7-inch iPad is equipped with an A10 Fusion processor and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. The camera is still 8MP and supports 1080P video recording. The front camera supports FaceTime calls. In addition, the new iPad will also carry conventional sensing devices such as GPS and gyroscopes.

With the exception of the A10 processor and battery life, everything else is basically a regular update. The highlight of this new iPad is the support for Apple Pencil, iWork Suite, and AR.

Unlike the entry model released last year, this new iPad supports Apple Pencil. Apple optimized Apple Pencil's writing experience on the new machine, improving the fluency of writing and reducing writing delays.

On this generation of iPads, users can make notes on iWork more convenient than before. Apple also said at the press conference that this generation of iPads has upgraded support for iWork suites, this time using Apple Pencil to achieve more features in the suite.

In addition to Apple Pencil, Apple mentioned at the press conference that Logitech has introduced a stylus device. The stylus, called Logitech Crayon, has a similar style to crayons. It is a student-oriented third-party stylus, priced at $49 and $50 less than Apple Pencil.

In addition, Apple also showed Logitech's Logitech Rugged Combo keyboard sleeve at a price of $99.

In addition to Apple Pencil's support, Apple also mentioned AR at the conference. The newly released iPad supports AR applications such as the newly released Froggipedia AR, Boulevard AR, and other applications. It is mainly designed for educational needs to help students display their courseware content more intuitively, such as dissecting frogs on Froggipedia.

In addition, Apple also added the Shared iPad function to meet educational needs to facilitate teachers to manage their students and understand the situation in real time.

In terms of selling price, the 32GB Wi-Fi version of the new iPad is 329 US dollars, and the BN is priced at 2,588 yuan. The 32GB wireless LAN + cellular network model has an Apple retail price of RMB 3588. The school’s iPad purchase starts at $299. The official domestic price is RMB 2388.