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Incredible! Beauty Fairy Jeffree Star may have been 1...

Fashion 2018-03-26 03:07:57 16

Now the most red net red of LGBT circles in foreign countries is Jeffree Star! Tens of millions of fans, everyone buys his product, discusses him, and lives in the afterlife!

In order to catch up with the trend and become a cool girl, you have to watch several Jeffree Star videos! And want to understand this person!

Because the outdated girl I couldn't do without knowing was still living in the Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton era!

Have to lament the personal charm of Jeffree Star ! Although he often does silly and mentally handicapped things and says some low-level words, he still has the charm of entertaining people. Ordinary thing, he is very funny!

Jeffree Star is one of many talented and confident people! Whether it's a model or a song, acting or a designer, it must be a decathlon! Now it has gradually become a cultural symbol, a unique androgynous image, and has become an LGBT Icon!

Jeffree Star is currently very rich! Because he is smart, sells cosmetics with fame, earns millions of dollars a year, becomes a winner in life, and does a lot of people to appreciate himself, but also makes big money.

He often shoots videos and does some 10,000 dollar beauty projects.

Jeffree Star Psychologically, she thinks she is a woman, so for him, it's straight to like a man. He also says he's only dating a straight man!

Jeffree Star is special! Dividing her by gender has been too shallow. He is not a spokesperson for gender and is the leader of the hermaphrodite. He is very unique!

There is a woman's charming and sexy, but also the whims of a man, he likes the girl's lifestyle, beauty makeup and long hair to wear a skirt! He also does not hate his male body. Unlike other people, he does not wear breast implants nor hides. It is a very generous show of the body.

Jeffree Star has married Nathan Schwandt , a 24-year-old husband! Although her husband is not particularly good-looking, but it is also a pleasant child!

Nathan Schwandt is currently helping his wife's warehouse. It is said to be a straight man, because J and hers had broken up and said they would only eat straight men from now on!

Before Nathan was the poor boy, after smashing J sister, the super big wardrobe full of cupboards, opened the luxury car! Also considered a winner in life!

however! Today I saw some discussions on the foreign BBS. The original Jeffree Star also had 1! Incredible!

She once dated Chris Crocker ...

Chris Crocker is the boy who called Leave Britney Alone on Youtube many years ago! Is also a very powerful character, borrowed from Youtube Britney upper position!

Step by step, from joining Lucas Entertainment to starring in the movie now, becoming the host of the TV station, it's really amazing! He is now handsome!

However, looking up information from Chris Crocker, he said that he rarely did 1 before joining Lucas Entertainment, only two or three times, and when dating Jeffree Star it was time!

And Jeffree Star and Chris Crocker have been dating for more than four years!

So from 2005 to 2009, Jeffree Star may be really a 1!

It is also an eye-opener!

Of course it may be sister Play! Mother and daughter play games!

Whatever! Today's gossip is here! I hope your husband will not be very shy to tell you tomorrow, he wants to try when 0....