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The film and television circle breaks the dominant pattern of heroes

Entertainment 2018-03-24 19:57:38 0

There is such an actor, regardless of the time, regardless of the supporting actor, has always maintained the enthusiasm for the performance, the role of the people always forget it. Day after day of hard work and hard work, supporting the counterattack. More and more actors are not heroes of scenes, and this trend has become more apparent from last year to this year.

No character size, the key is based on acting

The performance is clearly "slag man" but conquered the audience step by step with acting skills, Lei Jiayin is really good; the scenes are not really much, and the eye is only a spike on the people's awl face; Wu Gang teacher we serve you; from "Mr. Love" to "a better life "Li Naiwen freely switches between different roles, and men can still fight against the screen. In the entertainment industry, almost all the actors are supporting actors. The counterattack story has always been happening.

The unfamiliar supporting actress, today's screen leader, Zhao Liying's growth history is a real-life inspirational story. However, many small flowers in the same period as hers were not as good as they were in the past. Whoever can fight more, who is more powerful, and who can go further. The dancers from "Fantasy" to the "Little Sister" of "Gu Jian Tan", from the Loulan Princess in "The Legend of Ban Sung" to Gao Wen of "The Love of Carat", played soy sauce in many operas. Diligeba has finally embarked on the center stage.

From the beginning of the "Xuanxuan", "Hua Wei" Jiang Xin to stand out with pride and high cold acting, popularity is almost equal to the female owner. In "Flowers and Bone", Jiang Xin is also a woman, but it is still impressive. After many years of precipitation, Jiang Xin’s protagonist’s road was late, but it eventually arrived. However, when it comes to the transformation of the role component, Jiang Xin’s attitude is open-minded and thorough. She says that her sense of satisfaction does not originate from the change of the character but is a careful exploration of the characters in the play. “There is no small character, only a small actor.” A simple sentence to do her best to adhere to the belief.

Large coffee breaks, just to create a great product

In addition, there are many popular stars, even if they have top resources, in order to play good, but also can not play for the game, regardless of pay, only for the role. Just like the film "The Founding of the Army" invited 54 stars to appear, but it is not the most star-studded work in the series. There were 174 stars in the “Great Country of Founding,” and 178 stars were invited to “Build Party Albert”. Because of the limited time of the film, some stars did not appear in the final cut.

"In that year's flowers bloomed in the full moon", the collection of He Rundong, Wang Yan, Lin Xinru and Zhou Haimei and other influential actors, although the show is not much, but it is their joint efforts to present a fine work. The most eye-catching supporting role in "My First Half" was the old drama bone Chen Mingming. Although only a few strokes, the restaurant owner "Zhuo Qingqing" still performed vividly. A good actor encounters a good movie and television work. When he encounters a good character, he is not framed by the supporting role of the protagonist. It may also be a friendship. The success of a play, in addition to the main character's acting, the contribution of the supporting actors also contributed absolutely.

In contrast, some film crews are reluctant to spend time polishing the scripts. They are even more reluctant to lengthen the shooting cycle and increase the cost. The mentality of rushing to realise makes the creative process awkward; some actors regard performance as “youth food” and rush to be the shortest. Accumulated wealth in the time, more and more drama, indiscriminate play, experience of life, field gatherings for them is like a legend. The essence of the impetuous mentality is to lose the fixed power under the temptation of fame and fortune, and lose the long-term goal of life and career.

The eyes of the audience are bright, and the entertainment circles in recent times are no longer the dominant position of the protagonists. Stars can no longer compete for "head-breaking blood" in order to play the protagonist. As long as you are outstanding in acting, you will be able