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Han Dongjun admitted Jinchen is his girlfriend Jin Chen derailed the hotel to kiss the small fresh meat two have been broke up burst

Entertainment 2017-12-04 09:03:12 34

Some time ago hit the "Heartless Master," I believe many people have seen it. Han Dongjun and Jin Chen in the drama of the actor and actress CP, won a lot of audience and fans love. Fans also have called for the two together. Recently, Kim Dong-hyun Kim Chen frequent private interaction in close, more flirting with each other in the Weibo. Recently finally had good news, Han Dongjun admitted Jin Chen is his girlfriend. But the dog blood is, and soon Jinchen since the media photographed the hotel to kiss the small fresh meat, broke two people have broken up. How is this going?

Han Dongjun and Jin Chen starred in because of "unmotivated Master" heroine has been the concern. They not only play the couple in the play, it is learned that they also intend to develop a romance outside the play. Han Dongjun and Jin Chen frequent intimate frequent intimate various self-timer, on the microblogging is slashing a large number of single dog across the air. For the two fans also expressed blessing. After all, to see the toothless couple in the play into a real couple is also very good. Han Dongjun also admitted that Kim Chen is his girlfriend.

But the most bloody is that Han Dongjun Jin Chen is his girlfriend did not take long. There are media photographed Jin Chen shot the morning back to the hotel with a mysterious man counterparts, but also make people surprise is that since the hotel kiss the man with the man. The man is wearing a black hat with a very low profile wearing black down jacket and black jeans. But still magical media or photographed the true capacity of the man, since it is a small fresh meat Dunlan. Then the two entered the same room together.