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Pocket arrays can't be captured for 6 years. Fortunately, there are Chinese style tricks that can be successfully won in 20 days.

History 2018-03-23 00:21:28 11

Sun Tzu’s Art of War has a cloud: attacking the city is the next, and the attacking spirit is on. This phrase is not difficult to understand. In the case of siege warfare, if you attack the city hard and hard, because the defender has a great advantage in the terrain, it will inevitably strike a siege attacker. The final result of this tactic may be a lose-lose. Victory is a tragic victory, defeat is also a disastrous defeat. So what is the best tactic? Of course, it is not only able to preserve its own strength, but also to successfully accept the city, is it not beautiful? How can I do it? Get people or surrender will surrender! We must admire the wisdom of our ancestors. Short eight characters, summed up the essence of the siege war.

In East Syria, Syria, the coalitions of Russia and Syria apparently used the trick of "attacking the heart". Dongguta is a highland area in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, the Syrian capital. Here, armed groups such as the Rachman Legion, the Sham Freedom Organization, and the U.S. CIA Special Agent have battled their lives and died. Together, they took the liberty and used civilians as human shields, hoarded a large amount of weapons and ammunition from a certain country, and established Syria’s most powerful armed stronghold.

The Syrian army in Bashar has been completely besieging the area for six years. In the past six years, the Syrian army has deployed tens of thousands of troops, clothed in pockets, and erected howitzers. However, only in the summer of last year, the Syrian Army lost more than 1,700 troops and 36 armored tanks in a large-scale siege, and failed to make any progress. However, on this solid foundation, in the shortest 20 days in the near future, with the help of the Russian army, it has been completely taken over by Bashar's tiger units. How do they do it? Use the "heart attacker!"

First, the S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems of the Russian military base declared their readiness to enter combat readiness, and foreign warplanes such as the F-16 and F-22 were not allowed to enter Damascus airspace. On the ground, the Russian-Syrian coalition forces opened two humanitarian passages in East Quta, but only allowed out. The Russian military also provided hot food for the first batch of 8,000 civilians out of the city, and distributed approximately 2,500 military dry foods. Not only that, the military also distributed sleeping bags and other necessities to the camp. This has caused residents in the city to flood out. According to the latest statistics, the number of civilians evacuated through humanitarian channels is as high as 87,000. In the face of this kind of situation, some people could not even calm themselves, took out rockets and slammed into the exit channel. However, the effect is counterproductive.

Second, uncover the secret of the "white helmet." Some people have been using biochemical weapons to talk about things, and the so-called evidence all comes from a Western organization with white helmets active in Syria. This time, the Russian media made a real move and conducted an in-depth tracking of the White Helmets. Finally, it was discovered that most of the sponsorship funds for the “White Helmet” came from a fund of the US financial tycoon Soros. According to the report of the Tas report, Major General Igor Kirilov, commander of the Russian biochemical forces, discovered a toxic substance in the chemical waste that was used for the manufacture of chemical weapons in a position of withdrawal from the East Ghouta insurgents. When the tide was over, Syrian civilians finally understood the truth.

Once again, the Russian Air Force dispatched bombers to cast down the warm bombs and drilled ground bombs to mercilessly attack the militants. According to sources, the air raids sent a group of leaders of the Rahman Corps and the US military adviser a "seeing God's tickets." However, on the ground, the siege guards allowed the militants to lay down their arms out of the city. This is not unreasonable. Many years of war have resulted in a large number of losses for the soldiers. Hard and hard street fighting and tunnel warfare will obviously lead to greater casualties. The use of warm air bombardment greatly shocked the rebel’s psychology. The reality showed that there would not be a wonderful ending in the continuation of the battle. Losing the AK in their hands and leaving the city was undoubtedly the best choice.

The demise of the Eastern Ghouta Arms means that the United States has lost a crucial piece.