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When is the pile foundation used? There are several types of piles?

Household 2018-03-22 18:51:45 1

I. When is the pile foundation used?

Pile foundation is a commonly used form of deep foundation. Pile foundations are often used when the settlement of shallow foundations on natural foundations is too large or the bearing capacity of foundation cannot meet design requirements.

Second, there are several classification of piles?

1. According to the bearing properties: friction type piles (friction piles and end bearing friction piles), end bearing piles (end bearing piles, friction end bearing piles);

2. According to the applicable functions: horizontal compression piles, vertical pull-up piles, horizontal load piles, composite load piles;

3. According to the pile material: concrete piles, steel piles, wooden piles;

4. According to the method of pile formation: non-extrusion piles, partially excavated piles, crowded piles;

5. According to the pile production process points: prefabricated piles and cast-in-place piles.

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