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How does Akoya pearl like Meicheng walk down Mikimoto's throne?

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[Jewellery House Desire Jewelry] In 1893, Makimoto Mikimoto, who was honored as the "father of pearls," successfully cultivated the world's first cultured pearl, and then founded Mikimoto Mikimoto, which eventually became the world's top brand.

Mikimoto Mikimoto's darling Akoya pearl Akoya pearl is Mikimoto's famous work, and has been greatly favored by Mikimoto. His long stay in the red throne has refused to give way. The Mikimoto Day & Night jewelery uses Akoya seawater pearls as its main axis and joins the white South Sea pearls to infuse subtle tones into the delicate colors. The collection is inspired by the bead of the morning light, sparkling and sparkling. You show harmonious early spring.

Mikimoto Mikimoto Day & Night Collection Chains, 18K White Gold, Akoya Pearls & White South Sea Pearls, Diamonds

Pearl diameter: 7.50~12.50mm, hanging chain length: about 46cm 18K white gold inlay series Akoya pearls and white South Sea pearls hanging chain are particularly eye-catching, hanging chain with a total of 9 7.5mm Akoya pearls and a 12.5mm The white South Sea pearls perfectly display the “glistening dew” with different sizes. The distinctive feature is a drop-shaped drop and sparkles with dazzling diamonds. The design style is three-dimensional and structured, revealing an elegant atmosphere. Although Akoya Pearls and White Nanyang Pearls have unique shades and brilliance respectively, the two are extremely harmonious.

Mikimoto Mikimoto Day & Night Earrings, 18K White Gold, Akoya Pearls, Diamonds, Pearl Diameter: 7.75mm The charm of the earrings lies in the exquisite detail! Every girl deserves to have her own earrings. This pair of earrings is made of tiny Akoya pearls. The inlaid accessories are also drop-shaped. The pearls are like the delicate and delicate pearl dew in the morning. The earrings are streamlined, this shape can be modified facial contours, elongated face, it is suitable for round-faced girls to wear, stylish and sexy.

Mikimoto Mikimoto Day & Night Collection Ring, 18K White Gold, Akoya Pearl, Diamond, Pearl Diameter: 8mm The ring is made of 18K white gold and is set with a delicate Akoya pearl and a single small grain diamond. 18K white gold in the ring forms a flower shape, the petals are drop-shaped, and the flower is decorated with diamonds. Although the fine-grained diamonds are not as formal as large diamonds, they are without losing the atmosphere, and they bring out the beauty of Akoya pearls.

Mikimoto Mikimoto Day & Night Bracelet, 18K White Gold, Akoya Pearl, Diamond, Pearl Diameter: 7mm This bracelet is made up of 7mm Akoya pearls. It can be imagined that the color, size, gloss and finish are the same. It takes more time for the pearls. One of the highlights of the bracelet is the “M” logo in the middle of the two pearls. It is made of 18K white gold, adding a smart touch to the bracelet. The cufflinks are still in a drop-shaped design with diamonds for all women.

Mikimoto Mikimoto Day & Night Collection Strap, 18K White Gold, Akoya Pearl, Diamonds

Pearl diameter: 8mm, hanging chain length: about 46cm There is also a hanging chain only inlaid with a Akoya pearl and a small diamond, and did not choose the white South Sea Pearl, the style is simple but stylish and sexy. The pendant's design style is the same as the above, and the drop-shaped element is perfectly integrated into the jewelry. The chain itself can lengthen the neck line, so it is suitable for women who are not enough for the neck, and it is not exaggerated to wear normally.

Although pearls don't shine like diamonds, they are naturally the focus of attention. Elegant and mellow, it is indeed the jewelry that women must have in their lifetime! (Figure/text Jewel House Sue)