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Domestic launch of the recent SUV Changan CS75, interior and BMW, only sold 80,000?

Car 2018-03-21 19:34:14 0

Changan CS75 has always been a relatively popular car model. It has been seen on the SUV sales charts many times. Before Changan introduced the CS95 to seize the mid-size SUV market, due to the current hot SUV market, Changan launched the new SUVCS75, we first Take a look.

The appearance of the new Changan CS75 front is completely different from the cash model. The most obvious is the change from the original English LOGO to the Changan car standard, and the addition of LED light sources, and the large size air intakes surrounding the front. , To a certain extent, increased the sports atmosphere of the car. The net adopts a hexagonal shape of the air intake grille, and the interior adopts a plurality of plated iron strips to connect the Changan logo in the middle, and the overall appearance looks quite stylish.

On the interior, the new CS75's new-style three-spoke steering wheel, suspension multimedia screen, slim central air outlet and button layout make the car look younger.

Power, the new CS75 will carry a re-adjusted 1.5T engine, maximum horsepower 8 more than the original, reaching 178 horses, matching transmission has manual and automatic choice, can better increase the driving experience.