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The most shameless scholar! Self-recommended to Wu Zetian as male pet, but because of bad breath was rejected!

History 2018-03-21 16:12:07 2

China has produced many well-known literati, but some literary scum are also utterly irritated. The most annoyed is the Tang poet Song Zhiwen, who was simply a scum among scholars who actually wanted to give Wu Zetian the favor of a man. The result was finally rejected by Wu Zetian. I really lost my face!

Wu Zetian recruited male pets, mainly to extinguish the desire for fire. After the death of Tang Gaozong, his long-cherished physical desire was activated again under the stimulation of power. Therefore, male pets became a necessity for Wu Zetian, the widow. Since then, Xue Huaiyi, Shen Nanxuan, Zhang Yizhi, Zhang Changzong and other famous male pets have become Wu Zetian's bedtime partner.

Song Zhizhi was handsome and also wrote good poems. His father, Song Lingwen, Wen Wushuang, not only has great strength, but he also writes calligraphy and articles well. Song Zhiwen inherited the "literature" of his father's "Three Absolute". His poetry became famous.

He felt that he was a handsome guy, so he had a whimsical thought. Mao Zedong volunteered to give Wu Zetian his “duck” and wrote a verse that “Minghe is expected to be unfriendly and would like to take advantage of it” and expressed his eagerness to climb up to Wu Zetian's bed.

For the shamelessness of Song Zhiwen, even Liwu cannot see the past. Wu Zetian scornfully dumped his poetry aside and yelled Zhang Changzong and Zhang Yizhi, who were themselves "duck," and said: "Yue Guo Tian Tian Xiang, Song Zhi asked the old and young white face who also wanted to get close to the dragon's body. He did not know that he had bad breath. Smoked, smoked so uncomfortable!" Two laugh.

Wu Zetian's words quickly spread to Song Zhiwen's ear. Song Zhiwen brushed teeth several times from this day, and bought chicken tongue in the mouth from the pharmacy.

Since Wu Zetian was smoked several times by the tone of Song Laodian, he never thought of "taking over" his entrance to the palace.

Song Zhiwen followed suit and followed suit, graciously gave Wu Zetian as the “duck” of Zhang Changzong and Zhang Yizhi’s brothers, and wrote some essays that praised or died of illness.

Not only that, as long as Zhang Yi is impatient, Song Zhiwen immediately holds toilet paper, and treats it with respect and respect. This kind of behavior of Song Zhiwen became a joke between the ruling and opposition parties.