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note! Be careful at home or away from home recently! A few people have been recruited into the hospital within a week... Now is the high season

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Although recent temperatures have been fluctuating

But the spring has come

Blooming flowers, spring

Replace spring clothing that is not worn for a long time

Go out on a hike

Also became the choice of many people for the weekend

However, remind everyone:

When doing these things

Be sure to watch out for the "enemy" hidden in the dark!

Because you are not careful, you will be staring at it...

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Replace spring clothing that is not worn for a long time

He also has inflammation of red pimple

Xiao Qin, a 18-year-old Wuhan construction worker, lives in a dormitory on site with his co-workers. A week ago, seeing the temperature rising, Xiaoqin looked out of the box and put on a solo dress. Not a moment, he felt itchy.

Waiting for a bath in the evening, Xiaoqin found that red was on his body. He didn't care, only rubbed some wind spirits, but the itching did not improve.

Until the first two days, a piece of rash on Xiaoqin's right leg began to purumatically inflamed. He pained to come to the Fourth Hospital of Wuhan for dermatology. After a doctor's examination, it was found that the small rash was due to insect bites and the right leg was already infected.

Coincidentally, on the same day that Xiaoqin visited the hospital, Fanfan (a pseudonym), who was eight years old, came to the hospital because of a rash. Van Fan introduced the warm weather these days, the parents gave Fanfan put on the clothing of the Spring and Autumn Festival, Fan Fan was licking on the body that night, his family saw, where the front of the back of the chest and legs are full of small red dragonfly . After being diagnosed, it was confirmed that any person who was bitten by aphids caused insect bite dermatitis.

There is a risk of being bitten both on the go and at home

Extraordinary care for children and allergies

“When the climate is warm and humid, insects are also starting to become active!” said director Xu Huizhen of the hospital’s dermatology department. The weather was fine in the recent week, and there were more visitors who went out on outings, which increased the chance of contact with insects. There has been a sudden increase in the number of patients suffering from insect bite dermatitis.

In addition, seemingly safe homes may also encounter insect attacks. For example, if you bite the dustpan of Fanfan, you would like to live in a room at 20°C-25°C and a humidity of about 75%. The clothing, quilts, and bed linens that are collected in the cabinet are all hiding places; the flowers and plants grown in your home will attract Insects come to pollinate and the pets that feed them may bring wild insects home.

Infestation of dermatitis occurs in infants, children, and allergic adults. When mosquitoes, fleas, ants and other mosquitoes bite the skin, their saliva or venom will invade the body, causing skin irritation, itching skin disease, the patient may have erythema, papules, severe or appear Otters or bulls even have secondary infections.

Expert reminder

Xu Huizhen reminded: To combat insect bite dermatitis is to prevent , do a good job of personal hygiene, pay attention to skin cleansing. Use seasonal clothes or quilts for cleaning or drying. Pay attention to indoor ventilation and cleanliness; flowers and grasses grown at home and pets should be promptly dewormed; wear long-sleeved trousers when walking out.

After being bitten by insects, if there are more rashes and severe itching, you should seek medical advice promptly and use medication under the guidance of a doctor to avoid excessive scratching and infection.

Ching Ming and the May Day holiday are coming soon

Many friends have plans for travel

Now it's time for various bugs to be active

Going out, Beware of these insects!

Hidoptera: strong acidic venom can cause dermatitis ulceration

Every spring and summer season, there are many incidents of hidden insects. The hidden wing worm does not bite people, but the body's strongly acidic venom, once it gets on the skin, has a corrosive effect, which can lead to itching and flaky white patches or blisters, and even ulceration.

"If you find that your body has hidden wingworms, you must not tap it and blow it away gently."The doctor reminded that he was injured by hidden insects and can be immediately cleaned with alkaline soaps, soaps, etc. Hey. Serious cases should be promptly attended the hospital.

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Aphids: Serious Deaths can be Caused

There is also a kind of bug that can't be beaten casually, and it can't be tough. This is the locust that appears in the summer. This insect is more common in mountainous areas and swampy areas and can bite people and animals, and increases in size after sucking blood. Locusts suck blood through bites to spread diseases such as forest encephalitis, Xinjiang hemorrhagic fever, Anaplasma disease, and Lyme disease, which can cause serious deaths.

△ Locusts become larger after sucking blood

If you are bitten by a tick, do not tap it or pull it hard. You can use a jar to pull it, or prick it with a hot needle.

Aphid: Foshan women's vegetable field is killed after being bitten

In 2016, Ms. Feng, 63, of Foshan, was bitten by insects in a vegetable plot and died of treatment. On the death certificate provided by the family, the reporter saw that the cause of death reads the column, Severe tsutsugamushi disease, multiple organ failure. The death of her mother made her family members very sad. They did not expect that the tiny locust would be deadly.

△ The locust is very small and almost invisible to the naked eye

In the first few days after the rain, it is best not to sit on the grass. If you want to go to the grass, it is best to wear long trousers, especially children, it is easy to be neglected after the bite, and then severe illness occurs, parents must do a good job Protective measures.

If unexplained high fever is detected after grassland or shrubs are in motion, check carefully for any signs of eschar on the person's body, especially in some hidden areas such as the perineum, axilla, groin, etc. .

Caterpillar: Toxic hair on body surface

After poisonous hairs break into human skin, they often break down to release toxins. After being strangled by caterpillars, the skin will have a burning tingling sensation, the skin surface will become red and swollen, and even pus ulceration will occur. In severe cases, urticaria, arthritis and other systemic reactions may also be caused.

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To get to the hospital as soon as possible, you must not use your hands to scratch itching.

Do not underestimate these bugs

It's no small matter to be eyeing them

Especially allergic people