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IBM released the world's smallest computer, it is smaller than a grain of salt, only 1x1nm!

News 2018-03-19 17:57:20 18

A powerful supercomputer is refreshing its computing power every year. This is the ultimate direction of computer development; but what is the smallest computer? For example, you may know different mini PCs like the Raspberry Pi.

So you thought about a computer that is smaller than a grain of salt? Yes, you are not mistaken. In a development that may seem to come directly from the future, IBM engineers created the world's smallest computer. Posted on the first day of IBM Think 2018.

According to foreign media reports, the computer is very small and requires a microscope to see it. Its specific size is 1x1nm and it has hundreds of transistors. This compact computer has the same computing power as the x86 chips of the 1990s. As the top image shows, you can see a pile of salt on the top of your computer on the right side.

IBM expects these computers will act as data sources for blockchain applications. With their help, the device will be able to complete basic AI tasks and track shipments, fraud prevention and theft. IBM also expects that this small computer will be commercially available in everyday electronic devices within the next five years.