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How much frustration? Lu Benwei: You hate me, but do not frame me up!

News 2017-12-01 10:33:19 8

Recently, a fighting fish brother in the annual ceremony riding a ride, can be described as looking for a full face. However, not long before the scenery, but caught in a Jedi survival of the turmoil. As we all know, Lu Benwei began playing Jedi survival is completely finished into a box, a few months later, Lu Benwei to 29 killed strong chicken shocked four.

To this end, wave after wave of netizens said that they have Lu Benwei open hammer evidence. In the face of such evidence, the woman behind Lu Benwei, Zhao Meng Yue refuses again and again: some video hands-on, some basic operations without surprise. Even, Zhao Meng Yue late at night issued a document to show netizens Lu Benwei these months difficult.

However, still can not stop long time. For such a situation, Lu Beweng sleepless nights again, as soon as possible through micro-blogging road to do their own grievances: hate me to annoying me, but the matter, please do not fraudulently I opened.

Lu Benwei said: If you hang up, users can let the blue hole to seal their own number, but also get 5 million. Many users so-called real hammer evidence have been hammering themselves, but still many people say he hung up. To this end, Lu Benwei did his utmost grievances: hate me to annoying me, can not matter, you have to scold me at least wait for my number was sealed and then curse it.

For Lu Benwei's encounter, there are users that even behind: do not recruit jealous people are mediocre. Lu Benwei can come today, we all look in the eyes, why he has been a fighting fish brother. Ten years after the spray can spray Mayfair open female grab incident, the spray before the export into dirty, but what is the use of it, people will change, and these changes in the old fans look in the eyes, Lu Benwei Niubi , Lu Benwei impossible to hang up.

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you guys think about Lu's response?