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Shen Meng Chen debut before the photo, and now the difference is too big, Du Haitao read what to think?

Entertainment 2017-12-03 21:06:52 194

Shen Meng Chen, Hunan Satellite TV touted the host ah! In addition to let her host the show, but also let Shen Mengchen on a variety show, such as "we are coming" "real man 2" and so on, although Shen Chenchen's background is very powerful, but still failed to Shen Meng Chen line up star!

Shen-Chen Chen's looks looked a bit strange, although it can be considered beautiful! But just look uncomfortable feeling. However, after this looks or face it, Shen Mencun debut before the photo looked indeed appalling ah!

Is not it different from now? Shen Mencian eyes now larger than before, the nose than before, the face is even more completely changed. Before her face is still relatively round, now completely turned into a pointed chin, even if it is impossible to change the face so much of it!

Look at the contrast is even more glance! Are there any cosmetic I believe everyone knows it! However, few stars now dare to admit generous plastic surgery, and even after a great difference, but also absolutely do not recognize their cosmetic! Do not know Shen Mengyin's boyfriend Du Haitao Shen Mengyue debut before seeing how the photo feel? Although Du Haitao ugly but whatever the outcome, natural!

Shen Meng Chen think we are not cosmetic it?