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Blockchain is so hot, Xiaomi encryption rabbits have also come, and network transmission encryption rabbits have scrambled for hundreds of yuan.

Technology 2018-03-16 17:19:41 0

From the last year of the blockchain to this year, last year, Baidu Financial's blockchain lab released a blockchain pet "Letts" and NetEase released its blockchain product "Lucky Cat." Recently, Xiaomi's blockchain pet “Encrypted Rabbit” has been officially launched. It is currently in the period of closed beta testing. It is looted at 11 o'clock every day and is soon sold out. In addition, the player can obtain the encrypted rabbit by drawing a prize, inviting a friend, and redeeming the F code.

At present, on the social network, it has been reported that encrypted rabbits are selling at a price of hundreds of yuan. Xiaomi has not yet responded to this question. It is difficult to say whether the "Banker" has been raised.

Encrypted Rabbit is a digital pet service provided by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. based on blockchain technology. You can get carrots or encrypted rabbits through tasks, or use carrots to convert encrypted rabbits.

It is reported that there are seven kinds of body appearance attributes for the Xiaomi encryption rabbits, in addition to additional props, each of which is unique. Encrypted rabbit is a pet raising game developed by Xiaomi based on blockchain technology. For this game, millet also launched its own virtual currency “rice grain”, which can be obtained by keeping these encrypted rabbits. The mascot of millet is a rabbit. Therefore, the credibility of this news is still relatively high.

The Encrypted Rabbit User Service Agreement emphasizes that users shall not use the encrypted rabbit-related services for financing or engage in the exchange of encrypted rabbits, points and legal currencies, and “virtual currency” with each other, and may not purchase or sell points, and may not provide pricing for encrypted rabbits or points. , Information intermediary services, shall not engage in any activities prohibited by laws, regulations, and regulatory policies.

Need Xiaomi Blockchain encryption rabbit link attention private letter I, seize the outlet, see if you can fly!

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