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Body fat is more terrible than fat, how to quickly lose visceral fat to make the body healthier!

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Visceral fat is one of the body fats. It is different from our usual obesity. It surrounds human organs and is mainly found in the abdominal cavity.

Visceral fat is of great significance to our health. A certain amount of visceral fat is actually necessary for the human body, because the visceral fat surrounds the human organs and plays a role in supporting, stabilizing and protecting the human internal organs.

However, visceral fat mainly exists in the abdominal cavity, such as the liver, pancreas, stomach, intestines and other organs around and inside, it will cause health hazards. Excessive visceral fat can increase the risk of heart disease, fatty liver, and diabetes. Therefore, it is imminent to lose visceral fat.

How do you reduce visceral fat? Is there a way to specifically reduce visceral fat? This again entered a misunderstanding of "local fat loss." No matter what part of the fat, thigh, arm, including visceral fat, are all consumed through the deployment, is not with our will, where to reduce the reduction. Therefore, we want to lose visceral fat, or we must use the system to reduce fat:

The advice on reducing fat to you is:

1, often do aerobic exercise: jogging, riding a bicycle, climbing stairs and so on. Every time aerobic time is recommended to check 20-45 minutes. Take 3-5 days a week and do aerobic exercise once a day.

2, light diet: eat less staple foods (to avoid eating high-calorie foods), eat more meat eggs, less oil or even no oil. A less oily and oil-free diet is very important, especially for people who want to lose visceral fat, and blocking fat intake from the outside can help us to consume body fat faster. But still need to eat a certain amount of fat every day, you can choose to replace the nuts, you can eat about 15 a day.

3. Drink plenty of water: Drinking more water can increase satiety, and at the same time, it can speed up the metabolism of the new city and accelerate the consumption of fat.

4. Do not stay up late: staying up late will make people mentally exhausted, self-control is also reduced, easy to overeating, resulting in increased weight.

How to improve basal metabolism?

It is definitely necessary to contact strength training. High-intensity strength training, coupled with a reasonable diet and adequate rest, can help us grow muscles. The muscles not only allow us to have a more body shape, but also help us to continue to burn fat and achieve permanent fat reduction.

Here are some suggestions for gaining muscle. I hope to be useful to you:

【A】 diet plan

Diet is more important than training. The statement that eating three points and eating seven points is correct. Most people are thinking about how to train to effectively increase muscles. They ignore the diet and lead to poor results. Eating less and more is a king - increasing weight requires more meals.

Meal means that three meals a day can be divided into 5 to 6 meals: breakfast, brunch, lunch, lunch, dinner, late night. This will ingest your heat more evenly.

【二】Training plan

Where is training easy and fast?

First, the trained muscles are divided into two parts: the large muscle group and the small muscle group. Among the major muscle groups are: chest, shoulders, back, legs; small muscle groups: arms, legs, waist and abdomen. To be strong, of course, it is a priority to practice large muscle groups. The main training methods are: large weight, low number of groups, compound movement, and free weight.

Heavy weight: After warm-up, do strength of 6~8RM, and rest for 90 seconds between groups. Low number of groups: General large muscle group uses 4 movements, each group of 4 movements; Small muscle group uses 3 movements, each movement 3 group

Compound action: like bench press, deep squats, pull-ups, pushes, and deadlifts, these multiple joints require multiple movements of different muscles at a time. They are called compound movements. Specific plans vary from person to person.

[3] rest recovery

Muscles are made up of many muscle fibers and are trained to tear these muscle fibers and then absorb the protein you have ingested for "excessive recovery" and your muscles will become larger.

After the muscles are finished, you must give enough time to repair them to grow. If you haven't fixed them yet, you can train them again without any good results. The same muscle does not need to be trained every day. Generally speaking, a muscle repair takes 48 hours, which is not more than twice a week.

The lower back, which is the waist, requires 72 hours of repair time; while the abdominal muscles are repaired at a fast rate, training every day is OK, but it is recommended that the next day.