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Vivo X21 new Wang Jiaer endorsement, or will carry Xiaolong 670 processor

Digital 2018-03-14 23:14:30 0

At the end of March, the spring launch of domestic mobile phones is about to be launched. Although most mobile phones have new and innovative technologies, the vivo X21 is of the highest concern because it is not only stylish but also brings under-the-screen fingerprint recognition technology and photographing. The new Super HDR technology solves the problem of mobile backlighting and brings a new camera experience. In addition to fast charging, smart engine and HiFi chip, etc., for such a mobile phone, I believe many people are very much looking forward to.

Today, vivo has brought new news on official micro and has added new stars to its spokesperson. As early as vivo X20, there were Luhan, Peng Yuxi and Zhou Dongyu. As an upgraded version, it is also a vital key player. Type, do not guess, this time added that star, four fashion stars valiantly endorsement, I believe vivo in the influence will be greatly improved.

According to the information released by Vivo, the three stars of Luhan, Zhou Dongyu, and Peng Yuying still speak the vivo X21. This is still relatively rare in the mobile phone industry, because these three stars have already spoken for the vivo X20. Now continue to speak vivo X21, visible vivo for these three fashion stars is still very much trust, it is clear that the main vivo X20 has achieved good results, not only sales are good, reputation is also very good.

However, this time vivo has added a spokesperson, that is Wang Jiaer, for this star, I believe many people are more understanding, can be said to be an expert in music, because vivo it has been the main HiFi sound effects, it seems Wang Jia The endorsement of vivo, as the harbinger of music, this spokesperson should be right, not only can improve the reputation of vivo mobile phone, but also for the vivo HiFi name.

For the vivo X21 this mobile phone, too much will not be introduced, Yan value appearance is here, Liu Hai design, full screen, there are fingerprints under the screen and Super HDR technology. In terms of performance, there are also related materials that may have been previously launched. Perhaps the Xiaolong 670 processor will be used. Compared with the previous Xiaolong 660, the performance will be greatly improved. The running memory, must be 6GB +128GB combination, this performance should be very good.

As for whether there will be other innovative technologies to make the product have a better experience, it is not known at the moment. Official micro has no excessive information, but it can be known that vivo will also have a certain breakthrough in the game. After all, the game is Current consumer focus. This mobile phone will be released in Wuzhen on March 19, and may also give us unexpected surprises. We will wait and see!