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Want to buy Geely Borui's quick stop, Geely's new K-type car is coming, Yan value throws the former 800 meters

Car 2018-03-14 23:26:01 0

Just a few days ago, Geely Automobile unexpectedly released a set of car design manuscripts on its official website. Although this was only a simple sketch, the outstanding outline of the body outline was enough to satisfy the curiosity of the masses at one time. . It is reported that this group of manuscripts will be the original design of the Geely brand new K model, and the new Geely model codenamed “K” will also be positioned in a Class B vehicle and is expected to be equipped with a hybrid system to further accelerate Geely’s development. Car market occupation in the new energy market.

Of course, there are other voices on the models in this set of design manuscripts, and it is said that it will be a draft of the Geely Borui GT version. When it comes to the debut of the car, will Geely use it to expand the power of the Bo-Jia Army or to set up a brand-new "K-junk" in the end, and I am afraid that this can only be seen when it is officially unveiled. However, in the manuscript drawing, it can be clearly seen that the brand-new K-type car (for the time being) has indeed a certain number of Borui's design pedigrees in terms of appearance design. The front-faced grille-type grille further enlarges its size. Side LED headlights are more sharp. Compared to Borui Qing out of blue and better than blue, it appears more advanced grade.

And there is an unconfirmed rumors that the new K-car will be built on the CMA platform. The name of this platform is certainly not unfamiliar to everyone. The Gillian Leke 01 listed last year is the product of this platform. If the K-type car is also built from this platform, then its positioning will naturally be much higher than the high-end Borui. From the sideways design, it can be seen that the K-type car adopts a more sporty back-to-back roof shape, and the waist line is more sharp. The large-sized five-spoke petal-type wheel hub is full of sports atmosphere.

Through the close-up picture of the above light, we can also see that Geely's new K-type car is more sophisticated in playing lights. The front headlights are as eye-catching as the Hawkeye Edition, except for the round headlights. At the end of Hawkeye, four claw-like lamps were added. At the rear, a through-tail light design is used, and a silver chrome trim is added to the middle for decoration. This kind of light treatment is even more modest than that of Audi.

In terms of power, the new K-car is expected to carry the new 1.5T engine jointly developed by Geely and Volvo. The hybrid version will be a 1.5T+ motor, and the matched sensor will be a 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission. box. As far as the selling price is concerned, it is still too early to tell, but just for the information on the trails revealed so far, the positioning of the K-car will be more high-end than Borui, and the price will naturally be higher.