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Market Analysis | Cross-border e-commerce Why do you want to start from the United States?

Finance 2018-03-14 17:18:00 0

The white-sellers who have just come into contact with cross-border e-commerce often do not know which market to choose to sell their best products. Most of them follow the trend. Someone has chosen Europe and some have chosen Japan. The market is easily delimited. In fact, I think the best sales market should be the United States. Although the competition is fierce, the level of consumption is high.

1. U.S. consumers have strong purchasing power and demand high quality goods

The figure above shows the difference in purchasing power among the market size, B2C transaction volume, and per capita spending in China, Japan and the United States. From this we can see that the US market is large and the per capita purchasing power is high, which is very attractive to retail e-commerce.

In addition, the “Product Purchase Guidelines” survey targeting consumers in various countries shows that compared to Europeans’ emphasis on environmental protection products, Asians are pursuing brand names, and Japanese are assured of domestic products, Americans do not care whether they are brand names or not. , only asking for good quality is everything OK.

Therefore, cross-border sellers entering the US market must first grasp the quality of the products, and quality is the stepping stone to open the US market.

2. FBA infrastructure in the United States

Compared to spending a lot of money to build their own cross-border e-commerce website, it is recommended to open a store in Amazon. Amazon’s US station’s sales reached hundreds of billions of dollars, and the market is very large. The seller only has to pay 39.99 US dollars a month to open a store.

There are 200 million people over the age of 15 in the United States, of which 40% are Amazon Prime members, which is almost equal to the total number of Japanese people with purchasing power. And, as the birthplace of Amazon, the United States, FBA (Amazon Amazon's delivery business) infrastructure has been very complete. Most Americans do not search for products from Google, but rather use FBA sellers when they are shopping.

3. Consumers are more international and easy to enter other markets

Two-thirds of U.S. residents are Americans, plus people from Latinos, Asians, and more. After opening a store in Amazon, through actual sales, you can understand what products are popular with what kind of people, and it is easier to help sellers enter the markets of other countries in the future.

In addition, spending a year in the United States on New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween, Christmas and other consecutive festivals to participate in business wars, you can slowly grasp the door to selling goods in the United States, with sales from the United States Experience can be further developed towards internationalization.

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