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She was the Queen of Empress Dowager Cixi. When she entered the palace at the age of 14, she could only be second in the world.

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Introduction: We often say that the emperor's harem 3,000, it seems as if they want to marry who can marry who, like who is the empress let who is the queen, but the historical truth is not the case. At the beginning of the Qing dynasty, Emperor Shunzhi was the most loved one. He did not know how much he hoped to establish Dong Eh-Ie as a queen, but only when he had died can he do so.

At the end of the Qing dynasty, there was Emperor Guangxu. He obviously wanted to set up another woman as a queen, but in the end he was forced by Cixi to put Yehullah into his palace. He couldn't stand it any more, but what could be done! Relatively speaking, Emperor Tongzhi was still happy at this point. He chose the favorite Arutut as his post. Of course, it was also a tragedy in the end. He also caused harm to Qiluite because Cixi didn't like the Queen as a queen. She was the other woman in the group—Fucha!

Fucha’s is a famous family. In front of us, we learned that Qianlong’s original wife was from Fucha’s. It’s called an illustrious one! And this Fucha Shi is exactly the seventh generation granddaughter of Qianlong's uncle Queen. Born in Xianfeng for nine years, she was a few years younger than Tongzhi, so that in the eleventh year of Tongzhi, she was 13 years old. But the young age does not prevent Cixi from liking her. At the time of the draft pick, the showgirls knew in their hearts that one of them would become a queen.

When it comes to queens, they have to abandon it. Everyone knows that Tongzhi had two mothers. One was Cian, the middle palace of the East and the other was Cixi, the latter. Although the Eastern Empress Dowager was the main palace, the Empress Dowager of the Western Empress Dowager was the mother of Emperor Tongzhi. As the saying goes, “Musume is the mother,” and the biological is the closest. Therefore, Fucha Shi chose to have a good relationship with Cixi, hoping to become the queen of the palace and enjoy the noble honor of the world. As a matter of fact, Cixi was very fond of Fucha’s, and he also made Tongzhi Lifu’s Cushionary a post.

However, unfortunately, before Cixi, Ci’an had already taken the lead in talking with Tongzhi on the need to establish Arut as a latecomer, and Tongzhi preferred to prefer Aruts, who was 2 years older than her. There are only two people in Cixi, not to mention Ci’an is the Empress Dowager and Tongzhi is the emperor. Both of them are more distinguished than her. The helpless Cichlid can only make concessions and allow Arut’s to become the queen of the palace, but Cixi has a condition that she should be treated as Hui Qi and enjoy royal treatment. Although she is not a queen, she is also second. Ok. After these showgirls entered the palace, they all had their own status, but the empress did not make it to the queen, but also made the queen ugly three or four times, but it was another face to Hui Hui.

When Cichao took care of Fucha, he entered the palace only two months ago and became a royal nobleman. This is a direct jump of 2 levels. It may be that Tongzhi originally hates Cixi, and even people who hate Cixi. Therefore, after marriage, Tongzhi only went to the Queen's Palace to rest, or to the outside of the mixing of brothels, and did not look at other ignorance. His attitude slyly hit Cixi's face. Cixi blames these empresses on one person in the queen.

After Tongzhi's death, Cixi began to torture Queen Arut’s and forced Arutz to die. Of course, it was not only simple for Aru’t to be forced to die, but also because of Cixi’s ambition. However, it is still related to Cixi's hate of Arutz. Compared with Qi Lut’s, Hui Hui’s treatment was much better. She was once again encrusted by Cixi.

The imperial concubine is already at the highest level. Once sealed, it is necessary to sit on an equal footing with Cixi. Cixi does not allow this matter. However, Cixi still had problems with Hui Hui who had always been attached to her. So Ci Xi thought about a way to add more words before the title. For example, the first time was a simple imperial concubine; the second time he sealed it as a blunt imperial concubine. The third time, it added the seal to the Rongqing Imperial Palace. The royal family of the four-character title is only one example of the Qing Dynasty. Thirty years after Emperor Guangxu, Fucha’s family died at the age of 46. The nickname is Shushen Emperor. Is it true that Fuchas was such a woman who was so rich in her life that she could not get the love of the emperor, and she was almost a widowless woman. Would she really be happy?

The source comes from "After the Qing History Draft"