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About the Honda CR-V "Oil Oil Problem" The ten questions that you are most interested in knowing are all here.

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CR-V has always been the model of weather vane for domestic urban SUVs. However, recently the problem of “increased CR-V oil” is very big. Dongfeng Honda has previously held a technical briefing session and the technical aspects are more complicated. We are still paying attention to everyone’s concerns. Of the ten issues, take a look at the “oil problem” in the end.

1 Q: Isn't all CR-Vs going to move?

A:NO, specific conditions and environment will lead to oil dilution problems

Dongfeng Honda has already acknowledged the problem of increased oil, but not all CR-Vs will have similar problems - low temperature, short-term use is the easiest cause of oil dilution - as long as the engine is maintained at a relatively high temperature, the crankcase The incoming fuel will be converted to steam and there will be no dilution of the oil.

Cold, short-distance use is the main case of increased oil

2 Q: There will be no negative effect if the dilution of the engine oil does not exceed a certain value.

A: Oil dilution will be present in all engines, but there will be no problem with the amount

The previously published data did mention the issue of dilution because the oil dilution exists in various engines (including gasoline locomotive diesel engines). This factor was also taken into account in the development of engine oil. If it is not excessive, it will not affect the oil. The efficiency and normal use of the engine.

Commercial vehicles also dilute with organic oil and do not affect normal use

3 Q: Does Dongfeng Honda's update of ECUs completely solve the oil dilution?

A: Reducing dilution from the source can be solved

The most critical factor in oil dilution is the large amount of fuel injected during the cold cycle. After adjusting the ECU settings, the amount of fuel injected can be appropriately reduced according to the environment, so as to reduce the incomplete combustion of fuel into the crankcase. After the source is cut off, the oil is excessively diluted. It will not appear.

ECU is the "brain" of the engine. It can also solve the oil dilution by adjusting the ECU.

4 Q: Dilute the engine oil and abnormal engine wear.

A: No, engine wear is within normal range

According to previous car owners and targeted tests conducted by Dongfeng Honda, after the engine was dismantled, the surface of the engine parts were very smooth, they also maintained the standard dimensions, and the wear was within the normal range. - Dilution of oil is a normal phenomenon. Do not worry about wear and tear.

After the disassembled parts are still normal, no abnormal wear

5 Q: The driving style and road conditions of the owner are the driving factors for the increase of oil.

A: This is indeed the case. It is the same for other brand models.

Whether it is carbon deposition, burning oil or oil dilution, it is closely related to the use of conditions, including road conditions, driving style and habits of the driver. For example, under congested conditions, the fuel mixed in the crankcase is not easily vaporized and exported, and the oil dilution (or carbon deposition) is relatively easy to occur.

Under smooth conditions (especially long-distance high-speed), oil dilution is less likely to occur

6 Q: This 1.5T engine is also mounted on other models. Why is the problem focused on the outbreak of CR-V?

A: Different adjustment conditions

Although all of them are L15 series turbocharged engines, the electric control and cooling of the 1.5T engine mounted on other Honda models are not exactly the same, depending on the weight and calibration of each model. In other words, the ECU setting is also This is not the same, which is why other models rarely see the oil dilution.

There is also a big difference between 1.5T engine and CR-V tuning from Civic equipment from Dongfeng Honda.

7 Q: In other parts of the world, is this engine experiencing increased oil problems?

A: No, 1.5T is the engine of the global model, not found in other markets in China.

At present, 1.5T engines have been widely used in Honda's various global models. Take the North American market as an example. CR-V, Civic, and the next-generation Accord are all equipped with this engine. From market feedback, The performance of these engines is very stable.

Honda's North American main models carry 1.5T engines

8 Q: Does the "oil problem" affect the CR-V's hedge rate?

A: The product power of CR-V determines the high hedge ratio without worrying too much.

If you look at the used car market, you know how amazing the CR-V and Civic are. Even for a decade or so, the residual value is close to one-third. Basically, all the buyers looked at it... ), so CR-V users have absolutely no worries in this regard.

Look at the price in the picture, please feel free to experience the value of CR-V

9 Q: If I am a CR-V owner, what should I do after the recall?

A: Go to 4S to handle, follow the announcement's tips

After receiving the notification, the user may go to the 4S store for specific implementation according to the content of the announcement. In the early stage, due to the large number of users, communication and appointment may be required.

Dongfeng Honda's development service providers can complete the recall

10 Q: Is CR-V still worth buying?

A: The performance of CR-V itself is well-balanced, and future products will be improved accordingly. Don't worry.

Whether it is space, power or ergonomic design, CR-V new generation models have a balanced, strong product force. Apart from the problem that vehicles that have already been sold will solve the increase in engine oil through recalls, vehicles manufactured in the future will also undergo corresponding improvements (for which Dongfeng Honda also suspended sales of gasoline models), so consumers do not have to worry about this.

Product power level, CR-V is still the benchmark model in its class


Whether it is product strength or user word of mouth, CR-V historical models have a good performance, for the cash models, the oil problem is only a minor episode, the official solution is also sincere enough, after the problem is resolved, it is still us Get familiar with the CR-V.