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A parrot fish arrived in the hands of a Japanese chef.

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Although there are not many Japanese foods, Japanese cuisine has been heard for a long time. The meticulous cooking process of Japanese cuisine is recognized by the world. The natural flavor is the main spirit of Japanese cuisine. The cooking style is delicate and delicate. Whenever Japanese cuisine is mentioned, everyone May think of chefs step by step step by step processing of food images. Today I saw Japanese chefs dealing with parrot fish, and I really understood what cooking is.

A parrot fish arrived in the hands of a Japanese chef. He first cleaned the scales and began to dissect. The parrot fish is named after the mouth shape resembling the parrot mouth type. The parrot fish are mainly distributed in North Korea and the Japan Sea, and in the Taiwan Strait of China, it is an edible fish. The chef cuts a knife along the fish's main bone and cuts off the part of the head, so that the whole piece of fish is cut off.

The fish on both sides of the main bone is also the best part of the whole fish. Cut it down and handle it again. Remove the fish. This has bones on it. The part that is connected to the head also needs to use tweezers to remove the fishbone. These details can be Refining the fineness of Japanese cuisine. The fish that is completely processed is like this. When it is boiled with boiling water, the fish skin shrinks, and the whole piece of fish curls.

Usually such fish is used for sashimi, but today Japanese chefs do not do so. In fact, they are all done according to the customer's requirements. They have bought fish, weighed, slaughtered, cooked, and how to eat. The customer has the final say. The chef cuts the fish into several long strips, then divides them into similar pieces and draws a few knives on them. It's just a matter of simple treatment.

Start cooking, first put the fish in the pan fry, fried when the skin side down, after all, this part is not easy to cook, in fact, for Japanese cuisine, raw can be, let alone unfamiliar. The real reason is that the skin is not easy to break, and Japanese cuisine is more particular about appearance, just as careful as doing an artwork.

After the decoction, it was still not eaten. The chef put the fish on the iron net again and put it into the steamer and steamed. This process is quite complicated and time consuming, but Japanese cuisine is like this. Focus on taste, touch, vision, smell, etc., as well as utensils and dining environment

After steaming it was still unacceptable, and the chef began to work again. Now it is coated with a layer of cheese and then topped with barbecue sauce. It looks quite appetizing, and is baked in the oven after processing. This piece of meat went through three steps. Each step was enough to cook the fish, but the chef took every step.

Finally, the chef used a blowtorch and sprayed it on top of the fish skin. This was on the plate. Finally, I placed a bit of chopped green onion and radish on the plate and finally finished. I watched the chef cooking and was meticulous. I was in a hurry. He was still cooking and eating Japanese food. He was watching the chef performing. How about the parrot fish that has been cooked in 3 steps? Did you drool?

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